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Insights where you work: connect Dovetail with 8+ tools like Notion, OneDrive, and Productboard

11 May 2023
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha

Connect Dovetail to all your favorite tools and build a powerful insights hub.

The number of tools we use every day continues to grow. If they’re disconnected, you find yourself drowning in manual work trying to gather data for analysis.

After analysis, the insights you produce can suffer because stakeholders simply don’t see them, or they can’t be tied directly to product outcomes.

The good news—our latest integrations are here to help.

Now, you can effortlessly bring data into Dovetail and insights can live in the tools your stakeholders love and use every day. Read on to learn how to create a powerful insights hub with our 8+ integrations, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Zoom, Slack, Notion, Productboard, Atlassian, and more.

Import straight from the source

If you’ve got data across fragmented tools, you’ll know how inefficient and time-consuming it is to download and upload files or copy and paste information back and forth for analysis.

Connect Dovetail to where your data is stored and streamline your process by importing it all in a few simple clicks. Ditch the manual work and let Dovetail help you analyze videos, audio, documents, and more in one place—and make your insights hub a single source of truth for customer knowledge.

Google Drive

Research is more powerful when it’s in Dovetail. If Google Drive is the current home to all your things, you can now connect the two. Seamlessly import your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other documents, videos, and audio files to set up your insights hub in minutes.

Import your Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more straight from Google Drive to highlight and tag.

If you’re a Microsoft user, connect OneDrive and Sharepoint to speed up the flow of Teams recordings, documents, and more into Dovetail for analysis. We support a range of files from PDF to Keynote to help you save time and never have to download and upload across tools again.

Import your Teams recordings, documents, and more from OneDrive and Sharepoint for analysis.

Finished your customer interview, usability test, or stakeholder meeting? Analyze them immediately while they’re still fresh by directly uploading your Zoom cloud recordings to Dovetail.

Upload your Zoom recordings seamlessly into Dovetail.

Import your data and share it out by using Zapier to connect thousands of applications to Dovetail. Automate your workflow with SurveyMonkey, Sprig, Typeform, Hotjar, and many more to trigger NPS scores, survey responses, analytics, and more into Dovetail on a regular cadence.

Set up Zaps to automate and trigger data into Dovetail from SurveyMonkey, Sprig, and many more.

Rich previews from Maze, Figma, and more

If you use Maze, Figma, Loom, or more, you can easily tie your work into Dovetail by embedding links with rich previews in your notes and insights. Quickly reference other important work you’ve done to bolster your research.

Embed work from Maze, Figma, and more into Dovetail notes and insights to connect all your research.

Connect insights to outcomes

Insights often get lost in the fray. Get them the attention they deserve by bringing your insights straight to where your stakeholders live. Get more eyeballs across your findings, and spark conversations that drive product decisions.

Give your team confidence in what they’re building by embedding highlights and insights into roadmaps, task boards, research reports, and more.

Use your connected insights hub to continuously learn about the customer and fuel your roadmap.

Important conversations happen in Slack. Put your findings where your stakeholders are by sharing Dovetail insights, highlights, and customer clips directly in Slack. Generate a rich preview that summarizes the content being shared. Get stakeholders across your findings fast, spark conversations about the customer, and link it all back to the source.

Share Dovetail insights, highlights, and video clips in Slack and drive customer empathy across your org.

Maximize the impact of your research with our Notion integration. If you’re writing research reports, conducting discovery across pages, or building roadmaps and kanban boards in Notion, try embedding Dovetail insights, highlights, notes, and more to drive stakeholder confidence in your work.

Link your research in Notion reports, pages, and more, and put the customer where your team is.

Back your prioritization, new feature decisions, and roadmaps in Productboard with customer evidence by sending Dovetail insights and highlights straight to Productboard. Build buy-in for your decisions, tie your research to impact, and fuel product development with insights.

Send Dovetail insights to Productboard to help prioritize and attach to product decisions.

Connect Dovetail to your favorite three Atlassian tools: Confluence, Jira, and Trello. Embed insights in a Confluence page to support your research reports, discovery work, and more.

Embed insights in a Jira issue so your tickets for new features, bug fixes, papercuts, and more are tied to real customer feedback.

Embed insights as Trello cards on your roadmap and prioritize your sprint work with customer data front and center. Supercharge your research by putting it onto the platform where your team lives.

Embed insights in your Jira tickets, Confluence pages, and Trello cards to tie your research to outcomes.

Build a powerful ecosystem of product tools

A strong ecosystem of tools keeps all your data connected, helps inform product decisions, and streamlines the research process. Use our new integrations to build a powerful insights hub that seamlessly connects with the way you work. And stay tuned—we’ve got more on the way from the likes of Microsoft Teams, Figma, FigJam, and many more.

Connect your workspace now in your settings, or if you want to find out more, check out our integrations page.

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