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Our vision for AI in Dovetail

13 April 2023
Benjamin HumphreyChris ManouvrierAlly Kendall

We’re leveraging this exciting new technology to help our customers get to insights in record time.

AI is everywhere. For the foreseeable future, this new technology will increasingly be part of the way organizations build products and serve their customers. And Dovetail is no exception—we’re working hard to be at the forefront of this exciting new step in product evolution.

At the core of our vision for AI is a new workflow that speeds up manual tasks and gives you tools to work with data and insights more efficiently. The foundation of customer understanding is a deep connection fostered on empathy for the people you build for. With this in mind, AI will support rather than replace—complementing and augmenting the way you work.

Speed, accuracy, and discovery

In the near term, we will use AI to speed up analysis and reduce bias. Large language models are unparalleled in their ability to hold and interpret data. We will harness this potential to give you a broader and more unbiased perspective of your customers than ever before possible.

Currently, we’re testing an AI-powered feature that enables you to automatically cluster highlights into themes on a canvas view.

Dovetail’s AI finding themes and generating ready-to-share insights.
Dovetail’s AI finding themes and generating ready-to-share insights.

Soon, you’ll also be able to summarize data from various sources. For example, simplify a lengthy support conversation or turn an hour-long customer interview transcript into a few bullet points.

Automatic summarization of content within a Dovetail note.
Automatic summarization of content within a Dovetail note.

Eventually, we’ll even surface relevant tags for faster analysis.

Analyze your research faster with suggested tags.
Analyze your research faster with suggested tags.

Our vision extends beyond simply speeding up workflows. In the future, AI will automatically create draft insights, find related insights, provide increased accuracy for automatic classification, and allow you to quickly search your insights hub and answer questions about your customers.

In the future, AI will surface related insights allowing for continued discovery.
In the future, AI will surface related insights allowing for continued discovery.

Protecting your privacy

We understand research data contains a lot of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and participants trust you to keep it secure. With fears around privacy, we’re seeing organizations like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America limit or ban the use of ChatGPT.

We’re committed to protecting your data privacy. We limit the number of sub-processors we use, and our AI features are powered by tailored AI infrastructure on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), meaning your data will always belong to you. Your data won’t be used to train models for other Dovetail customers or AI tools like ChatGPT.

To make your data compliance more manageable, eventually we will use AI to automatically redact sensitive information, such as faces and names, before you share insights with stakeholders.

We'll give you the tools to protect data privacy without the manual work.

Working hand-in-hand with AI

While AI will play an increasingly important role in generating and sharing customer insights, there are limitations to what it can do. Every company is different, and every customer has different needs. Dovetail must be flexible, allowing you to work hand in hand with AI. With our features, AI will support you with suggestions you’ll be able to review, redo, and make changes according to your needs.

We’re working hard testing and tweaking our AI features in Beta, including cluster in canvas, sentiment analysis on notes, and soon summarization in notes and insights. Try them out and share your feedback to help us improve, and stay tuned for more soon!

To learn more about our exciting vision for AI-powered products, check out this Outlier video for a deep dive into the topic.

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