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How to connect Slack to Dovetail

24 May 2023
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha
Important conversations are happening in Slack. Give your insights a seat at the table.

Getting stakeholder attention can be hard, especially when so much data is floating around on different platforms. 

Connect Slack to Dovetail and put your findings where your stakeholders are. Share Dovetail insights, highlights, and more directly to your team in Slack. 

Ways to drive impact

By connecting the two, you’ll be able to share rich previews of Dovetail insights, highlights, and more in Slack. Here’s what you can do with that:

Keep up-to-date: when you connect Slack to Dovetail and turn on your notifications, stakeholders can follow projects and get updated automatically in Slack. For example, every time a new insight is published, you’ll get notified immediately in Slack.

Drive customer empathy: get stakeholders across your findings fast, and increase research visibility. You’ll drive customer empathy across the business by sharing customer content and feedback.

Influence decisions: use insights and highlights to boost engagement and spark conversations about the customer—conversations that lead to important product decisions.

How to connect Slack to Dovetail

Connect your Slack account to Dovetail in just a few steps. Watch the following video to learn how.

Connect Slack to Dovetail today. Plus, find out how to connect more of the tools you love in our integrations blog.

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