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USD / month or $300 / year

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    10 transcript hrs / month
    50 GB storage
    Automation features
Standardize and scale insights across your organization



USD / month, billed yearly ($21,600)

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Everything in Starter, plus:
    100 transcript hrs / month
    500 GB storage
    Single sign-on
    User groups
    Custom home
    Workspace analytics
    Security reviews
    Private projects
    Workspace tags
For enterprises who need extra support, scale, and security

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Everything in Business, plus:
    Unlimited transcription
    Unlimited storage
    SCIM user provisioning
    Custom data retention
    Priority support
    Dedicated CSM
    Custom legal contracting
    Optional HIPAA add on

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$21,600 billed yearly

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USD / month

Pay yearly


  • Included contributors
    Contributors are users who can upload, analyze, and create insights.
  • 3
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  • Additional contributors
    Additional contributors can be purchased with prices starting at $18 / month for Starter and $60 / month for Business.
  • Contact sales
  • Free viewers
    These are users who can read and comment on data and insights, but can’t edit.
  • Unlimited
  • Projects
    Projects are the main ‘container’. They can contain anything from interviews to survey responses to past research.
  • Unlimited
  • Storage
    Storage includes all files, presentations, images, videos, and other documents uploaded to workspace.
  • 50 GB
    500 GB
  • Transcription hours
    All plans include a number of monthly transcription hours per workspace. These hours reset on a rolling basis every 30 days from when your workspace was created.
  • 10 hrs / month
    100 hrs / month
  • Project folders
    Use folders to group and set permissions for projects based on the team, product, active research projects or department.
  • 1
  • Workspace fields
    Set up custom fields across your workspace to add structure and allow your team to get started sooner.
  • Unlimited
  • Workspace tag boards
    Use workspace tags to set up a tagging taxonomy that spans across your workspace.
  • Unlimited
  • Templates
    Standardize research across your organization by setting up templates for projects and insights.
  • Unlimited


  • Notes
    Pull in videos, audio, documents, presentations and text to create notes for analysis.
  • Highlights and tagging
    Tag a single word, sentence, or paragraph to create highlights and uncover themes in your data.
  • Full-text search and filtering
    Search the text transcript of any video and find the exact moment you’re looking for.
  • CSV import and export
    Bring in data from spreadsheets, such as NPS feedback, survey responses, and customer feedback. Additionally, you can download and export notes for an entire project from Dovetail as a spreadsheet.
  • Collaborative analysis
    Use canvas to affinity map highlights as a team and find themes together.
  • Document analysis
    Import, analyze, and store your files, presentations, images, videos, and other documents.
  • Thematic clustering
    Automatically identify, cluster, and label highlights by theme in canvas.
  • Sentiment analysis
    Identify and tag positive and negative sentiment in your text.
  • Custom vocabulary
    Add specialized or context-specific words to expand your transcription’s vocabulary.
  • Charts
    Use charts to track trends in your data across personas, usability scores, company size, and more.
  • Views
    Visualize your data in 5 different views; board, table, canvas, grid, and list layouts.
  • Organize and share

  • Insights
    Summarize your findings into a beautiful report for stakeholders, and embed references to data from your analysis or past findings.
  • Public insights
    Share insights with people who don’t have access to Dovetail by enabling public access.
  • Comments and mentions
    Discuss research data and insights, and agree on the next steps as a team.
  • Insight analytics
    Understand the impact of your work with insight metrics, and discover which parts of your research are resonating with your audience.
  • Automatic summarization
    Automatically summarize notes and identify key takeaways from your insights.
  • Highlight reels
    Stream a playlist of all video and audio highlights for any of the tags created.
  • Integrations
    Connect Dovetail with your tools including Google Drive and Zoom, and embed Figma, Miro, and many more.
  • Embed links
    Preview links from the tools you use including Figma, Google Docs, Vimeo and more.
  • Download transcripts
    Download individual transcripts from Dovetail as VTT files.
  • Subfolders
    Create new folders within other folders to organize your workspace even further, and assign more granular permissions at each level that suit your needs.
  • Feeds
    Managers can set up and configure feeds for the team to help surface new and noteworthy content to decision makers.
  • User groups
    Quickly grant access to folders, projects, tag boards, and extensions by user groups that you create and manage.
  • Custom home
    Customize your workspace home to make it work for your team’s needs. Configure feeds, change the layout, content or use search blocks to keep it feeling fresh.
  • Admin and security

  • Encrypted data and backups
    Dovetail utilizes industry-standard practices concerning the encryption of data when stored and while in transmission.
  • EU and USA data hosting
    New workspaces can choose to host their data in Europe or the United States to comply with local data regulations.
  • Granular access controls
    Control who can manage, view, and edit projects with granular project permissions.
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
    Dovetail has built-in single sign-on capabilities for Google and Microsoft accounts, and the option to configure your own managed identity provider.
  • Security reviews
    We take regular data backups and test recovery, run penetration testing, encrypt all data at rest and in transit, and many other cloud security techniques.
  • Workspace analytics
    Track the output of your team’s research over time — from projects to notes, highlights, tags, insights, and people.
  • Custom session age
    Customize the default session period for your workspace, and require users to reauthenticate more frequently.
  • SCIM user provisioning
    Automate user provisioning with the System for Cross-domain Identity Management.
  • Custom data retention
    Set up auto-deletion of original videos without losing the video highlights to comply with your policies.
  • Custom contract and invoicing
    Negotiate certain terms of our MSA as required by your business with our custom legal contracting service.
  • Data processing agreement
    We make it easy for customers to sign and submit our data processing agreement.
  • Optional HIPAA add-on
    Our optional HIPAA solution provides access controls and features to help manage PHI, such as advanced restrictions on sharing, access, and data exporting.
  • Support

  • Help center
    Access our detailed knowledge base to get started, learn tips, and stay up to date with the latest from Dovetail.
  • Dovetail Academy
    A guided learning journey with curated courses, navigable tutorials, best practices, and easy activities to empower you to leverage Dovetail your way.
  • Slack community
    Join our Slack user group and learn how others are using Dovetail, get support, share ideas, and tell us what features you’d love to see.
  • Email support
    Our team is always here to help with any questions that you may have.
  • Dedicated CSM
    A dedicated Dovetail customer success manager will help you onboard, build solutions, support change management, and scale your team’s practice.
  • Priority support
    Get faster, prioritized responses from our Support team. We’re always here to help.
  • Onboarding support
    We partner with you to ensure your team can get up and running in Dovetail, fast.
  • Change management
    We help you prepare for change, gain organizational support, and deploy new ways of working to your team and company.
  • Workspace design
    We ensure that you’ve set up your workspace to be flexible and secure.
  • Taxonomy development
    We work with you to develop a flexible and scalable taxonomy to support anyone doing research within your organization.
  • Questions & answers

    Can’t find the answer here? Contact our support team.

    Users contribute data to—and do analysis within—your insights hub. Most customers buy enough users for their product management, research, and design teams. Some also buy users for their sales, customer success, support, and marketing teams to also contribute data to the insights hub. All plans come with at least five users.

    Like users, viewers also have a user account, but they can’t upload, create, or edit. Viewers can instead only search, view, and comment on data and insights in your insights hub. Unlimited viewers are included for free to help you get customer insights in front of as many people as possible in your organization.

    Access is controlled by changing a user’s role—Manager, Contributor, or Viewer—or by restricting a project or a folder to a specific user. Admins can set up user groups to make this easier on our Business and Enterprise plans.

    There’s a yearly discount available on the Starter plan. Business and Enterprise can only be paid yearly.

    No. We don’t offer alternative plans at this time. Anyone is welcome to use our Starter plan for $30 / month.

    No. You’ll need to upgrade to a higher plan to add more monthly transcription hours.

    After your free trial ends, you’ll have 30 days to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using Dovetail. You can export your data during this time. Your workspace will be deleted if you haven’t upgraded to a paid plan within 30 days.

    No, unfortunately at the moment there is no way to pause your subscription.

    You’ll be able to use Dovetail for the remainder of your billing period. At the end of the billing period, we’ll keep your workspace in a read-only state for a further 30 days so you can export your data. After this 30-day download period, your data will be deleted in accordance with your data retention policy. We don’t offer refunds.

    Yes. You can choose to pay via invoice for payments over $5,000 USD.

    No. We only accept USD at the moment.

    All prices are tax exclusive, and additional taxes (GST, VAT, US Sales Tax, etc.) may be applied to your invoice.

    Yes! Let us help you get your team on board with Dovetail. Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll generate a presentation that you can download and share with your stakeholders,

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