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How to connect Productboard to Dovetail

25 May 2023
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha

Insights as a driving force—integrate customer findings into your roadmap.

It’s challenging to prioritize tasks and create confidence for your team in what they’re building. Being able to tie product decisions directly to customer evidence makes it easier.

Connect Productboard to Dovetail and fuel your product development with customer feedback. Maximize research impact by sending data directly from Dovetail into Productboard.

Ways to drive impact

You can send Dovetail insights and highlights straight to Productboard. This will create a note that you can incorporate into roadmap items. Now you’ll be able to:

Build buy-in: get decision-makers to pay attention to your insights and influence product managers with customer evidence. Drive more customer empathy and research awareness.

Prioritize work: help teams focus on what’s most critical and impactful by prioritizing sprint tasks with customer feedback and data front of mind.

Tie research to outcomes: take action on customer insights and tie them to product features, bugs, papercuts, and epics by embedding highlights and insights into roadmap items.

How to connect Productboard to Dovetail

Connect your Productboard account to Dovetail in just a few steps. Watch the following video to learn how.

Connect Productboard to Dovetail today. Plus, find out how to connect more of the tools you love in our integrations blog.

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