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Customer insights where your team works

Seamlessly import data, share insights, and build workflows that connect your team to the customer.

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Set up your insights hub in minutes

Set up your insights hub in minutes

Get started by importing existing data from all of your files and folders all at once.

Discover insights across all your data

Integrate with the tools your teams already use to efficiently import and analyze all your research data.

Interviews and recordings

Turn your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams recordings into editable and accurate transcripts

Feedback, surveys and CSVs

Uncover trends and predict issues within your high volume feedback, survey responses, spreadsheets and CSV files.

Usability tests

Connect Dovetail with usability testing tools and bring all your customer testing data under one roof for your team.


Efficiently identify themes and insights across documents like PDFs by highlighting and tagging text.

Insights where your team works

Give your findings the attention they deserve by putting them where your stakeholders are with these powerful integrations.

Build workflows powered by insights

Make insights part of every workflow with our developer API. Integrate your tools, automate actions, and build on top of the Dovetail platform.

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Create custom workflows

Connect Dovetail with your internal tools. Bringing customer data into Dovetail from the tools your team is already using.

Partner with us
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Build a first-party integration with Dovetail. Develop experiences that connect Dovetail data across other apps.

Build a tailored solution
Coming soon

Create on top of Dovetail’s open platform. Connect powerful customer insights to your integration or application.

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Decide what to build next

Decide what to build next

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