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Connect your tools

Dovetail’s flexible structure allows you to work with all kinds of qualitative research data, including raw notes, interview recordings, usability testing transcripts, survey responses, and everything in between.

Connect Dovetail to all your favorite tools and create a powerful insights hub. Import data directly from the source, like Google Drive, Zoom, OneDrive, and many more!

Once you are ready to share your insights with the world, utilize our integrations with Notion, Slack, Atlassian, and more to bring your research to where your teams are and drive impact.

Bring your data in

Upload images, audio, and video

Import structured spreadsheet data

Import Zoom cloud recordings

Import files from Google Drive

Import files from OneDrive

Import data from EnjoyHQ

Import data from Lookback

Import data from UsabilityHub

Import data from UserTesting

Import data from Userbrain

Embedding links in Dovetail

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