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Integrate with Slack

Last updated14 February 2024
Read time3 min

Connecting your Slack to Dovetail enables you to share Dovetail content with rich previews, get updates about changes in your projects, receive comments in real-time, and send a replies — all via Slack.

Table of contents

Connect Dovetail and Slack

To connect your Slack account, select ⚙️ Settings > Integrations in the sidebar. Locate Slack in the integrations list and select Connect. Continue to log in to your Slack account and review the requested permissions.

Requested permissions

When you connect your Slack account to Dovetail, you will grant Dovetail access to:

  • View content and info about channels & conversations — View messages and other content in direct messages.

  • View content and info about your workspace — View people in your workspace and view the name, email domain, and icon for workspaces Dovetail is connected.

  • Perform actions in channels & conversations Send messages as @dovetail and show link previews from

  • Perform actions in your workspace

    Add the slash command

    that people can use.

Create a note from a Slack message

We have deprecated this feature for the time being.

Reply and like to comments in Slack

If someone mentions you in a comment, you can reply and like that comment directly in Slack.

  • To like (or dislike) a comment, just click on the Like button.

  • To reply to a comment, click on Reply and enter your comment in the pop-up window, which will be sent directly to Dovetail once you click Post.

Reply to and like comments in Slack
Reply to and like comments in Slack

Share video highlights and reels in Slack

When you share a link to a single video highlight or reel in Slack, the video will be available for your team to play right from Slack.

If you are using the desktop or mobile app to play the highlight, you'll need to authenticate first.

  • To do this, copy the link provided in the player and paste it into your browser to log in to Dovetail

  • From there, copy the one-time password (OTP) and enter this into the box in Slack.

Share other content in Slack

When you share a Dovetail link in Slack, all the relevant information related to the link will be displayed directly in Slack for you and your colleagues to see.

The supported links are notes, tags, insights, readme, and people.

Search in Slack

We no longer support searching Dovetail within Slack. You can search within Dovetail by navigating to our app directly.

Manage Dovetail notifications in Slack

You can stop receiving notifications in Slack.

In Dovetail

  • Select ⚙️ Settings > Notifications. You can then turn the Slack notifications


Disconnecting your Slack account

You can disconnect your Slack account from Dovetail at any time.

  • To do this, go to ⚙️ Settings > Integrations, locate Slack in the integrations list, and select Disconnect.

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