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Five ways Dovetail helps ReOps scale research

5 December 2023
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha

You’re an enabler. You empower everyone in your organization to deliver and scale the research craft—from researchers to designers, to PMs, to anyone who comes into contact with the customer.

All your work happens in the background seamlessly, but its impact is crucial. Tooling, enablement, governance, insight management, and advocacy are some key responsibilities, but as the team scales, so do the challenges. We’ve got solutions for each key problem you’re facing.

Stop repeating research, centralize all your data

When you’ve got customer interviews, NPS scores, survey responses, and more stretched across different tools, insights can slip through the cracks—research gets lost, and it gets repeated. Your team’s valuable time and resources are wasted.

Centralize all research data in Dovetail to build a rich and growing repository of knowledge that the team can continuously learn from.

  1. Curate and store all your customer data in one with projects, insights, and notes

  2. Never lose anything again with search. Use filters to surface relevant current and past research data

  3. Make information accessible and easy to find. Organize and structure your workspace with folders to reflect the way your team works best

Store and access all your data in Dovetail projects, insights, and notes.
Store and access all your data in Dovetail projects, insights, and notes.

Empower your team with standardized practices

With so many customer conversations happening—things can get out of hand quickly. Trying to make sense of inconsistent notes, feedback, and insights only adds more to your team’s plate.

By standardizing research practices, you can provide guidance and structure to empower new starters, streamline analysis, and improve the quality of outputs. Build a strong foundation for your team to produce robust findings.

  1. Set up a clear tagging structure and system for your team. Create custom workspace fields and tags that span across your projects

  2. Get started on the right foot with Dovetail templates. Standardize research across your team quickly by setting up templates for projects and insights

Help your team get started with over 100 templates.
Help your team get started with over 100 templates.

Show research value with stakeholders

Your team is doing amazing work, and you want people to know it. Research shouldn’t be happening in silos. You need to ensure your team has the right support to make their valuable insights engaging, discoverable, and impactful.

  1. Give stakeholders insights in a digestible, customizable format. Embed compelling references to data from the analysis or past findings

  2. Let your customers do the talking with highlight reels. Your team can compile and share highlights as a single powerful video for stakeholders to watch

  3. Give insights the attention they deserve and keep stakeholders up-to-date. Put findings where they’ll stick with our Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Atlassian integrations

  4. Show the impact of your team’s work with insight metrics and workspace analytics. Discover what’s resonating and track output over time—from projects to notes, highlights, tags, insights, and people

Let your insights pack a punch with customer highlights.
Let your insights pack a punch with customer highlights.

Unblock blockers to meet security and compliance

You want the best tools for your team, but they have to meet certain standards. Here’s how Dovetail unblocks security and data blockers so you don’t have to compromise on anything.

  1. Streamline access with built-in single sign-on capabilities for Google and Microsoft accounts. Plus, the option to configure your own managed identity provider

  2. Comply with your internal data policies with custom data retention. Set up auto-deletion of original videos without losing the video highlights

  3. Meet HIPAA compliance with access controls and features to manage PHI, such as advanced restrictions on sharing, access, and data exporting

  4. Unblock local regulations by choosing to store your customer data in the USA or EU when creating a new workspace

Meet internal compliance policies by setting up custom data retention rules.
Meet internal compliance policies by setting up custom data retention rules.

Tools that scale with the team—manage workspaces efficiently

Growing the team from one to many is a task in itself, you need a tool that scales with you. Access and permissions should work hand-in-hand with the way your company already operates.

Here’s how we can help speed up that process, give stakeholders the right access at the right time, and eliminate some of your administrative burden.

  1. Save time and grant access in bulk by organizing users into groups—by team, project, or level

  2. Manage all your permissions from one place with our SCIM integration. Automate user provisioning and streamline your onboarding and off-boarding process

  3. Create the perfect landing experience. Direct stakeholders to relevant insights, highlights, and projects from your custom home and feeds

Minimize the manual work by granting permissions with user groups.
Minimize the manual work by granting permissions with user groups.

Give your team the best of the best, and try Dovetail today.

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