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Dovetail in the details: 24 improvements to automate, tag, and share

7 August 2023
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha

Welcome back to another edition of Dovetail in the details—your go-to place to discover all the small but mighty improvements we’ve made to our product, in hopes of helping you build better products too.

In case you missed it, our powerful customer insights hub just got even more powerful, with new AI features for you to play with. If that’s not enough, we’ve got exciting updates about document tagging, highlights, sharing, and more.

Automate your workflow

1. More accurate AI summaries for transcripts and insights

2. We’ve added Undo to sentiment analysis

3. Titles now appear above AI canvas clusters

When you automatically cluster your highlights by theme titles will appear to describe each group.

Analyze all your documents

4. View documents in full, single page, or card display

5. Navigate preview pages without scrolling through the whole PDF

6. Deep link document highlights into notes and insights

7. Deep search text inside documents and jump to the exact page

Find exactly what you’re looking for in documents.

Tag and highlight with ease

8. You’re able to Select all on tag pages and boards

9. Convert a tag board into a workspace tag board

10. It’s easier to add and use tagboards across multiple projects

11. Now you can export all workspace tag boards at once

12. Hide your empty groups in highlight boards

13. Reorder and download highlight reels on tag pages

14. Share a simple, clean view of highlights with your team

No scrolling needed—jump straight to a simple view of the highlight when shared.

Get your team to buy-in

15. Share insights and highlights with our latest Microsoft Teams integration

16. Dive into research from the homepage on Starter and Team plans

17. Invite users outside of your workspace with custom messages

18. Invite anyone to any item in Dovetail through email

Share insights, highlights, and more by inviting internal and external stakeholders with email.

Keep projects tidy

19. Migrate projects between workspaces within or across regions

20. Now you can filter by project when you Add to insight

21. Export and download your project data as a .zip

Jump into project settings to export all your project data.

Plus, more!

22. Search is faster and more accurate

23. Jump back a page easily in center and side panel view

24. We’ve revamped our Help Center

Try our newest AI features in the product today, and let us know what you’d like to see next by tweeting us or joining the discussion in our Slack Community.

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