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Engaging insights in minutes: launching five new features to speed up analysis

27 November 2023
Ally Kendall
Pete Binns
With five new features that make creating insights more powerful and efficient, we’re testing what’s possible.

There are two types of insights. Deep customer insights help you generate ideas and inspire innovation. Fast customer insights give you a pulse check on customer problems. Both motivate your team toward an outcome.

Dovetail is the customer insights hub that makes deep customer insights easier—and fast insights possible. Today, I’ll walk through how to go from raw data to insights in minutes with five new features:

  1. Keep your highlights organized with groups in canvas

  2. Streamline references by hiding tags, text, and video

  3. Skip the setup with insight templates from the Dovetail community

  4. Make insights easily discoverable by adding insights to folders

  5. Share playable highlights in the tools your team already use

From data to insights in three minutes

Marketers love making claims about fast analysis. From “data to insights in minutes, not hours” to “save 10 days on analysis”.

We know it’s possible to make an insight in minutes in Dovetail, but—what kind of insight? What would it be useful for, and how might you use them in your work? Today, we’re testing fast insights. Three minutes starts now.

Automatically identify themes

Let’s say I’m a product manager analyzing user feedback. First up, I import my CSV file. Automatic sentiment analysis neatly groups them into positive and negative themes. We’re 40 seconds down.

On canvas, automatic clustering groups my highlights by theme. Now, I can select a group and quickly create an insight.

Group and organize themes in an instant with cluster in canvas.

Summarize key takeaways

To make the insight easily digestible, I create an automatic summary, then surface the insight for my team by hitting publish, and sharing a link in Slack.

Create a summary to surface key takeaways for your team.

The result—a fast insight

All up, it took just under three minutes and here’s what we’ve got.

Connected, traceable insights build empathy and inspire action.
Connected, traceable insights build empathy and inspire action.

Insights that go deeper

What about when you need to get to the root of a customer problem or influence a strategic decision? Imagine you’re looking to get buy-in for next quarter’s roadmap. You’ll want to spend a little more time building a story that not only reflects your customer’s needs, goals, and pains but connects with your team too.

Don’t start from scratch

Packaging up your insights in a clear way that motivates your team takes time. After you’ve played around with formatting and content, you’re wondering if there’s a better way to do it.

Get started sooner with an insight template from the Dovetail community.
Get started sooner with an insight template from the Dovetail community.

Now you don’t need to start with a blank insight. Try an insight template from the Dovetail community for user insights, customer success stories, survey results, and more. You can skip the setup, build confidence, and take inspiration from the Dovetail team and community.

If you’re on the Team plan and above, create workspace insight templates just for your team to guide and standardize their approach.

Focus your team on what matters

Now you can focus stakeholders on what’s important by simplifying references in insights. When you reference highlights, you can ensure your team has just the right amount of context by hiding bits you don’t need, like text and tags.

Choose what you hide to focus stakeholder attention.
Choose what you hide to focus stakeholder attention.

Make insights easy to find

As you create and layer customer insights, they have the potential to paint a better picture of your customer, covering more perspectives over time.

Discover and engage with insights by surfacing them in folders.
Discover and engage with insights by surfacing them in folders.

We’ve made them easier to find by surfacing published insights in folders. That means your team no longer needs to dig around projects to find that golden nugget to steer their next product decision.

Bring your customer into the tools your team uses every day.
Bring your customer into the tools your team uses every day.

Finally, sharing the important bits is about to get a whole lot better with playable highlights embeds in Slack, Confluence, Jira, Trello, Notion, and Microsoft Teams. Your team will be able to connect with their customers easily while still being able to trace back to the source.

Sometimes, you need fast insights. Other times, you need deep insights. Dovetail is here to help you create, manage, and share both.

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