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Built to scale: introducing video blurring plus four more features for security and collaboration

27 September 2023
Renee Liang
Kevin Tang
We’ve launched five new features to help large organizations take their customer-led culture to new heights.

Deep customer understanding is the secret weapon of the world’s leading organizations. But on the way to creating a customer-first culture, it’s important that your team is equipped with the right tools to do it in a secure, collaborative, and accessible way.

From Starbucks to Volkswagen, Atlassian, and Shopify—Dovetail is the customer insight hub of choice for organizations looking to scale their research efforts and create a culture built around their customers.

Earlier this year we outlined a vision for the future of customer research. At the heart of this vision was a new way for large organizations to experience the compounding benefits of a customer insights hub.

Now, we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. From user groups that allow you to manage permissions across large teams to protecting PII by blurring video, Dovetail just got a lot more powerful for organizations looking to scale and standardize customer insights.

Empower your team with these five new features built for scaling customer understanding. Plus, hold on to the end, where we’ll let you in on an exciting feature in closed beta.

Unlock access to insights at scale

Managing permissions across multiple large teams, functions, and projects drains your time away from doing more important things. So we’ve made it easier to manage permissions while protecting sensitive projects and PII.

Manage Dovetail access with ease by creating user groups.
Manage Dovetail access with ease by creating user groups.

Add or revoke access to many users at once by creating user groups. Organize your user groups in a way that works for you—this could be by team, project, or level. It’s a simple way to ensure everyone has access to important projects while keeping others locked away.

Also, if your team uses Okta, you can now automate user provisioning with our latest System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration. This means you can centralize user permission updates and streamline onboarding and off-boarding. Microsft Azure is coming next—so stay tuned.

Tailor your stakeholder experience

We know you’ve been asking for a better stakeholder experience so that your team can come in, explore, and uncover customer insights. Create a culture of curiosity with new features that make organizing projects and surfacing findings simple.

Organize and manage projects by creating a folder structure that works for your team.
Organize and manage projects by creating a folder structure that works for your team.

Clean up your projects and organize them in a way that reflects your team structure by creating folders within folders. Combined with new user groups, you’ll be able to maintain control over sensitive data at a project or folder level across your whole organization.

Surface new and important findings in your custom home.
Surface new and important findings in your custom home.

Back by popular demand—feeds! Ensure stakeholders’ first experience of your insights hub packs a punch. Feeds allow you to direct stakeholders to relevant insights, projects, and highlights in your teams’ custom home. Team members can even hit follow to get instant updates in Dovetail, Slack, or by email.

Store your data in Europe

We’ve made GDPR compliance easier than ever for our European customers with a new data region based in Ireland. When you create a new workspace, you can choose where you want to store your data—in the US or EU. Our European data region is part of an ongoing commitment to security and compliance that includes a SOC 2 Type II report, and our HIPAA compliant solution for storing sensitive healthcare data.

Protect PII by blurring video

Coming soon, you’ll be able to protect participants’ privacy by blurring videos to hide faces and names, and redact sensitive information from transcripts. Analyze participant expressions before sharing securely with your team. This will be rolling out to all Enterprise customers.

These new features are available to customers on our Business and Enterprise plans—with the exception of video blurring and SCIM, which are Enterprise-only. Speak to our team about upgrading to scale insights across your whole organization.

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