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Getting started in Dovetail

Getting started in Dovetail Webinar

Join Cheri to learn how to get up and running in Dovetail in record time. Cheri will talk through how you can go from raw data to insights, fast, how to bring your team in to collaborate on research and how to create and share engaging output.

This session will align to the lessons in the first Dovetail Academy course - Getting started in Dovetail.

We recommend joining for any new users to Dovetail, whether you’re just starting out on your 7 day trial, or have recently purchased a Dovetail plan.

We’ll cover 3 key areas:

  • How to get from raw data to insight, fast

  • How to easily create and share engaging output like video reels, insights, highlights and more

  • How to collaborate with your team

Extra reads and how to's that you'll love!

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