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Share and access control

Last updated6 June 2024
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Who can use this feature

👤 Only available on Enterprise plans

🔒 Managers and Contributors with full access to a folder or project can adjust its access controls


We've made it easy to effortlessly share, edit, and collaborate on projects with your team in Dovetail. With the ability to assign various access levels on folders, projects, workspace tag boards and workspace field groups, you have full control over how others can access and interact with your data.

Share menu

You can share links, invite new users and manage access to your workspace directly from the share menu on any object, without having to navigate to the users page.

From the share menu, you can see and adjust the following:

  • Invite field and access level → Assign access to current users or groups, and invite new users to your workspace.

  • Inherited permissions → Users who have inherited permissions from the parent folder.

  • Explicit permissions → Users who have been explicitly granted higher access to this project.

  • Direct link to object → Copy a direct link to the object.

Access levels

You can assign a different level of access for every user or group that you share with. This is helpful if:

  • You want only a few people to edit a project while everyone else reads it.

  • You want some projects to only be visible to a specific team.

  • You want to share your findings with stakeholders, but not let them view your raw data.

The four cascading permission levels are Full access, Can edit, Can view, and No access.

PermissionsFull accessCan editCan viewNo access
View and comment
Create, edit and analyze data
Invite to folder / projects
Toggle public access for insights
Manage folder / project settings and permissions

Inviting new users through the share menu

If you want to share an object with someone outside of your workspace, you can enter their email into the invite field, and they’ll receive an email invitation to join your workspace.

If you invite new users outside of your verified email domain, their email will appear in yellow as a warning.

By granting the following access levels to new users, they will automatically be assigned the following role in your workspace:

  • Full access will invite a Contributor role.

  • Can edit will invite a Contributor role.

  • Can view will invite a Viewer role.

Restrict, expand, and restore inherited permissions

Permissions granted to users, groups, or the entire workspace at a folder level will be applied to the folders and projects contained within it. However, these inherited permissions can be further restricted or expanded upon by assigning explicit permissions to the child folder or project.

When you restrict the access levels of a project, a Restore button will appear at the bottom of the share menu. Use it to revert the permissions back so that they inherit from the parent folder once again.

Users always inherit their highest assigned access level

If a user is assigned an access level that is lower than the workspaces, they will be inherit the permissions of whichever is higher.

Project and folder controls

Managers and contributors can control the visibility of your folders and projects by utilizing share settings. Ensure that your users are viewing and interacting with your content exactly the way you want them to by expanding or restricting their access at any stage.

Manage access levels for a folder

The permissions you set at the folder level will be the default permissions that will be inherited to all projects nested beneath it. Navigate to the folder on the Projects page, and click Share to view and manage who has access to this.

You must be a Manager or Contributor and have Full access to the folder in order to update the share settings.

Manage access controls for a project

At the project level, you can assign more granular permissions by restricting or expanding certain users, groups, or entire workspaces pre-existing access levels. To do this, open your project, navigate to project settings, and click Share.

You must be a Manager or Contributor and have Full access to the project in order to update the share settings.

Accessing a private folder or project once a user is removed from your workspace

Dovetail will automatically update permissions on relevant folders and projects if there are no remaining users with Full access.

The updated permissions grant all workspace admins who are also managers Full access, so that they can manage the folders or projects. If there are no workspace admins who are also managers, all managers will gain access.


How do I change a user's role in the workspace or grant them admin access?

You can update an existing user's role in ⚙️ Settings > Users. Check out our article Add, remove and manage users for further information on this!

I'm a workspace admin - why can't I access a project in the workspace?

You may not have project access to the project or the project controls have been altered by another person with access to the project. You can gain access to the project by contacting a user who has Full access.

Our only workspace admin has left the company, can you re-allocate the admin for us?

Unfortunately, due to privacy and security reasons, we are unable to change a person's workspace role without permission from the existing workspace admin account. 

Please contact the existing admin or IT department and ask them to log in to the Dovetail account with their existing credentials. They can then update the existing workspace roles and allocate another person as a workspace admin.

What user roles occupy a paid seat in the workspace?

A manager or contributor is someone who can edit content across Dovetail. They will be paid users who can contribute and analyze data. Managers and contributors are typically researchers, designers, and product managers.

A viewer is someone who doesn’t contribute content or analysis across Dovetail, like stakeholders, managers, clients, or other teams. Viewers have free, read-only access and cannot edit anything.

Those granted with admin access do not have to occupy a paid manager or contributor user role in the workspace.

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