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Highlights and tags

Last updated23 May 2024
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Who can use this feature

👤 Available on all Free, Professional, and Enterprise plans

🔒 Managers and Contributors with edit access


The power of Dovetail lies in highlighting and breaking down key information in text, documents, or video transcripts. These highlights can be grouped under tags, embedded, and shared in insights to connect your findings back to the raw data collected.

Highlights made in transcripts from video and audio content create individual, searchable clips. These clips are a powerful way to share stories about your research and bring your customers into the room.

Create a highlight

  • To create a highlight, select a section of text in a note and select Highlight from the action menu.

  • If you’re a power user, you can quickly create highlights by selecting a section of text and then pressing Tab on your keyboard to cycle through the action menu.

View all highlights within a note

You can quickly view all highlights within a note from the note sidebar. Simply open the highlights tab by pressing the highlight icon on the right-hand side of a note. Here, you'll see all highlights in the order that they appear on the note.

Clicking on a highlight in the note sidebar will scroll the note to the relevant section of the note content.

Automatically create suggested highlights

Let Dovetail automatically highlight your note content. Simply open the highlights tab in the note sidebar and press Suggest.

Refine your suggested highlights

By default, highlights will be suggested based on general relevancy. If you'd like to refine the suggestions further, you can add an optional prompt by clicking on the configuration icon next to the suggest button.

Approve and reject suggestions

Approving or rejecting suggested highlights can be done by clicking on the suggestion and pressing Accept or Decline.

When hovering over the accept button, you'll also see a generated reason why the suggestion was made!

Resize your highlights

You can adjust the start or end position of your highlights by clicking on the highlight and moving drag handles.

Highlight text in documents

When you upload a document into a note, you can highlight and tag content within that document in the same way you would with text and transcripts.

At this time, highlights in a document cannot be resized once they’re created. If you need to make any changes, you must remove the highlight and create it again.

Share a highlight

You can quickly share a highlight with your team while reviewing your note data.

  • To do this, click on your highlight and select Share.

  • From there, select the Copy link to highlight and share this link in Slack, Teams, Notion, or other available tools for others to preview.

Group highlights under a tag

Utilize tags to group related highlights. A single highlight can have one or many tags associated with it, and a single tag can have many highlights associated with it.

Tags can be created from two places:

  • Within a note: Drag over a section of text within a note, and select Tag from the action menu. From there, you can create a new tag to group your highlight under.

  • On a tag board: By opening a tag board, you can create a new tag by pressing + New tag from any group within the board.

Highlight and tag multiple notes at once

You can highlight and tag multiple notes in bulk for high-volume analysis in your project. This is ideal for NPS or survey results that are short-form responses.

  • To do this, open a note view and click search in the top right or filter to find the content you’re looking for.

  • From there, hover over the relevant content and select the check box of notes you wish to tag. The bulk actions menu will appear at the bottom once selected.

  • Click Add tag. This will highlight and tag all text content within the note.


I'm not able to highlight and tag my note. How can I fix this?

There may be a few reasons for this!

  1. Your note may be locked from editing. The ability to edit a note can be toggled on/off in the Actions (•••) menu in the top right corner of the note page.

  2. You may not have the right workspace role. Reach out to your workspace's admin to update your access to Manager or Contributor to edit project work in the workspace.

  3. You may not have the right project access to edit the project. Check the project's Share settings to review your access and reach out to someone with Full access to update your access.

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