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Organize projects & folders

Last updated18 September 2023
Read time3 min

Organize your projects in Dovetail so that your users can find and share their work with ease. Projects can be reordered and stored in folders, and your most important projects can be pinned for quick access.

Table of contents

Finding your work

Beta feature

This feature is currently in open beta, and can be enabled by a workspace admin from within your workspace settings.

How to opt in

Open the Your work page to easily find projects and folders that you've saved, navigate to those you've recently edited, or find what you've recently viewed.

On this page, you'll find three sections:

  • Saved → Projects and folders that you've saved.

  • Your projects → Recently updated projects that you've contributed to.

  • Recently viewed → Objects across your workspace that you've recently viewed.

Folders and projects can be saved by pressing Save to your work (☆) from the projects page, or from within a project by opening the project menu.

Finding projects in Dovetail can be done with ease by utilizing the tabs that you'll find on your projects page. These tabs will allow you to quickly navigate your projects to find your work.

  • Folders/Projects → Shows a list of all folders or projects at their highest level.

  • Your projects → Shows all projects that you have contributed to.

  • Shared with you → Shows a list of projects that you have been explicitly granted access to.

Pin and re-order projects and folders

Managers have the ability to pin projects and folders to the top of the projects page for quick access across your workspace. This is useful to feature any ongoing research or active work your team are conducting.

To pin a project, simply open the actions menu (•••) next to your desired project, and select Pin for everyone. Once selected, the project will appear at the top of your projects page.

Projects and folders can also be reordered by simply dragging them to their desired position. Doing this will save the new order for the entire workspace and can be reordered at any time by users with contributor or manager access.

Filter projects

You can browse and filter projects displayed on the Projects page.

  • Active → Shows active projects.

  • Archived → Shows archived projects.

  • All projects → Shows both active and archived projects.

Organize projects into folders

Team, Business and Enterprise

This feature is only available on Team, Business and Enterprise plans. Check out our pricing page for more information about our plans available.

Pricing page

To make projects easy for users in your workspace to find, organize your projects into folders and reorder them with drag and drop. Group related projects into folders by:

  • Type of research → Customer interviews, usability testing, survey responses.

  • Product team → Core product, search and navigation, growth.

  • Department/role → Design, user research, content strategy.

Create and edit a folder

To create a new folder, open Projects > Create new > Folder.

You can rename, move, share, and delete your folder by pressing on its actions menu (•••).

Bulk select projects and folders

You can select multiple projects and folders by clicking on the checkbox that appears while hovering over them. Once multiple items have been selected, you'll be able to use the bulk actions menu that appears at the bottom of your screen to edit your selection.

  • If you have only selected projects, you will be able to pin, move, archive, or delete your selection.

  • If you have only selected folders, or both projects and folders, you will be able to move, or delete your selection.

Create subfolders

Business and Enterprise only

This feature is only available on our business and enterprise plans. Business and enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organization’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on business and enterprise.

Pricing page

Business and Enterprise workspaces have the ability to move or create new folders within other folders. This allows you to organize your workspace even further, and assign more granular permissions at each level to suit your needs.

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