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Welcome to Dovetail’s season of magic

18 April 2024
Alissa Lydon

We are still reeling from all of the fun had at last week’s Insight Out event. It was a magical day where we brought together over 10,000 product people in San Francisco and online. We celebrated teams connecting with customers around the world and learned about some of the newest trends in insights from industry leaders at Meta, Okta, Uber, and more. In case you missed it, check out the live stream recording.

We also celebrated the launch of some of Dovetail's most exciting features yet. Our CEO and Co-founder, Benjamin, unveiled our new magic features on the Insight Out main stage and showcased how they can help anyone find the customer insights they need to make their next big decision.

But what exactly are magic features, and how can you use them? Today, I'm showing you how to accelerate both the gathering and analysis of customer data, as well as helping your product team decide what to build next.

Setting the stage

Let’s imagine that I am a product manager working at a music streaming app, and I’m developing our product strategy and roadmap for the next quarter. I’m working with:

  • Designers who are passionate about solving user pain points,

  • Engineers who want to build cool things,

  • A go-to-market team that wants to understand who we are building for and why, and

  • Leadership who want confidence that what we are delivering will help us achieve our growth targets.

To help build my case, I’ve run a few customer interviews, done some competitive analysis, and spoken to some industry partners. I want to be able to use this data to:

  • Discover the customer insights I need to decide what we are going to build next

  • Align my team on a shared view of our customers so we can deliver the best product

Magically transform data into insights

For all of my calls, magic transcribe turns video into text upon upload or import. No need to push a button! Additionally, we have improved transcription accuracy by 40%, and added support for more languages (41 in total).

While this is helpful, I might not have the time to read through all of my transcripts. What I really need is the tl;dr and share it with my team to digest quickly. That’s where magic summarization comes in.

Our AI quickly provides an overview of the transcript, complete with timestamped chapters that allow me or my teammates to quickly navigate to relevant sections of the transcript. And no matter what, I am still in control with the ability to edit the transcript to add valuable context. And not only can I use this for call transcripts, but also for PDFs!

But insights aren’t just found in the high-level takeaways. I know that there are nuggets of valuable information hidden in those dense call transcripts and documents. For me to review all of these assets and extract that information might take hours of time that I don't have. Now Dovetail can help!

Magic highlight looks through transcripts and documents for me and suggests relevant content that I might want to surface. I can also prompt Dovetail on what kinds of highlights I am looking for. In either case, I can look through all of these suggested highlights and accept the ones that are most relevant to me. Even with our AI working in the background, I can rest assured that I am always in control and focusing on what matters most.

Protect your customer privacy with magic redact.
Protect your customer privacy with magic redact.

Let’s say that a customer shares some sensitive information during a call. My company cares about protecting private data, and I need to make sure that this information isn’t available to everyone across the org. Magic redact makes it easy to blur video and remove text so that I can focus on uncovering insights and not get bogged down in compliance.

In minutes I have gone from a raw transcript to a collection of rich insights that give me more context on how a user feels about our product. Even better, I have a shareable highlight reel that can play back those key moments for my team. They can hear straight from the mouths of our customers, all while saving me time by not having to stitch together clips.

But this is just for one call. If you’ll remember, I conducted multiple interviews with customers. I want to be able to quickly uncover themes across all of these calls to build insights that can truly influence our decision-making.

Our new canvas experience gives you more flexibility to add, remove and duplicate highlights so you can make sense of multiple data points. Or even better, let Dovetail’s Magic cluster capability uncover themes for you, and collaborate with your team to build a whole new level of shared understanding. From there, I can create an insight that automatically creates highlight reels that are instantly shareable with my team.

Make decisions backed by the voice of your customer

In an ideal world, as the PM I am the one who is gathering all of this information and presenting it to my stakeholders to build and deliver amazing products. But I don’t always have the time to do that. Plus, I know that there are lots of other teams that are having conversations with customers. My colleagues in Sales, Customer Success, Product Marketing, and others are also gathering valuable insights into our user experience. By leveraging Dovetail as the central hub for all of our customer knowledge, I no longer have to waste time trying to track them down and ask for recordings or transcripts. Instead, I am empowered to go and find the answers myself.

Our magic search takes contextual meaning from your questions and returns all of the relevant data in Dovetail to give you a more complete view of what your customers are saying. An updated filtering experience makes it easy to narrow down on feedback that is most relevant to me, whether it’s time-based, data type, a specific team, or anything else.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Instead of having to sift through mountains of data in a search result, I can let magic summarize give me a high-level overview, complete with citations that link back to evidence in Dovetail. From here, it’s easy to gather everything in an insight, complete with citations, that I can quickly share with my team in the places where they work.

With these new features, I don’t have to waste time bugging my teammates and chasing down silos of knowledge. Instead, I am empowered to connect the dots myself and ultimately make better product decisions.

See the magic for yourself

We are showcasing all of these features and more in our quarterly What’s new in Dovetail webinar. Join Emily Brogan and Alissa Lydon as they teach you how to leverage our latest features to make magic with Dovetail.

If you can’t wait until then, you can check out the new magic features by signing up for free today.

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