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Four ways Dovetail helps Product Managers master continuous product discovery

18 March 2024
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha

You’re a storyteller. As a product manager, you need to create confidence for the right stakeholders, whether it’s in constructing a roadmap, meeting business objectives, or rallying the team to build the product.

Customer insights are the key to all your problems, and the secret sauce to the ultimate goal—delivering products that users love.

With a never-ending triage of tasks and competing priorities in your continuous product discovery, here are four ways Dovetail can get you to actionable insights, fast and help with your biggest challenges.

Solving the right customer problems

Shipping the right features for your customers is imperative. Finding product-market fit takes more than a gut feel. Eliminate the guesswork and validate your assumptions by uncovering concrete themes across all of your customer feedback to reveal jobs to be done, pain points, and sentiment shaping the user experience.

Dovetail helps you build your roadmap and tell a story with confidence using tangible customer insights.

  1. Connect Dovetail with your favorite tools and data to generate insights from the full picture

  2. Elevate important points and key moments with highlights and tags

  3. Group and uncover customer themes in canvas

  4. Tie all your data together in compelling insights—and answer what to build next easily!

Build your roadmap with compelling insights tied to customer data.
Build your roadmap with compelling insights tied to customer data.

Get to actionable insights, fast

Your attention is being pulled in too many directions at once. From stakeholder meetings, product standups, to customer interviews—you’re working against the clock. Conducting robust user research takes time and you don’t want to cut corners to deliver results.

Streamline your workflow with a bit of Dovetail magic to get to reliable, actionable insights faster, and focus your efforts on more high-impact work.

  1. Quickly transcribe video and audio recordings to analyze from, and skip the manual note-taking

  2. Summarize key takeaways from interviews, feedback, and documents on the fly

  3. Make sense of large amounts of data by automatically clustering highlights by theme in canvas in seconds

  4. Don’t start from scratch with hundreds of templates for you to kick off your project from

Let us find themes for you in canvas.
Let us find themes for you in canvas.

Win over stakeholders

You’ve built your roadmap, now comes the challenge of rallying the team, or even the company behind it. When customer knowledge is disjointed between sales, customer success, marketing, product, and anyone else with a customer touch point, there’s no single source of truth, and everyone has their own story about what the ‘right’ thing to build is.

Dovetail helps your org share knowledge cross-functionally by bringing it all together. Influence stakeholders with evidence-backed insights that connect straight back to the source. Rally your team by amplifying the “why” behind the “what”.

  1. Let your customers do the talking. Compile and share highlights as a single powerful reel and get buy-in with compelling narratives

  2. Put your findings where they’ll pack a punch. Embed highlights, insights, and reels into the tools your team already lives in—Slack, Notion, or Confluence, Jira, and Trello

  3. Influence and align stakeholders with magic summaries. Craft engaging overviews to hook readers into the insight before they dive deeper

Create digestible, impactful reels for your stakeholders to watch.
Create digestible, impactful reels for your stakeholders to watch.

Scale your product intuition

The landscape of your market is changing every day, so staying ahead of the curve is crucial. You want to build a growing library of customer insights so that you can scale your product intuition over time—and share it with your organization.

Dovetail is the customer insights hub that lets you do just that. Champion continuous product discovery by storing what you’ve learned and build on it with easy access to past data. Use a single brain to align and empower your team to do their best work.

  1. One searchable insights hub with filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for

  2. Use workspace tags to continuously find themes across all your projects and connect the dots in your customer data

  3. Share highlights and clips easily with your team using advanced security features that manage PII

  4. Keep stakeholders in your organization up-to-date with a homepage that surfaces relevant insights and projects

Find exactly what you need when you need.
Find exactly what you need when you need.

Get to the heart of customer problems and rally your team behind the build. Try Dovetail for free today.

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