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Make magic with your customer data in Dovetail

Create a quick summary to identify key takeaways and keep your team in the loop.
21 March 2024
Alissa Lydon

No matter the industry you’re in, product teams of all shapes and sizes are faced with the same fundamental question every day:

"What are we going to build next for our customers?"

Whether it’s iterating existing products and features to improve user experience, discovering ways to stand out in a competitive market, or just building the next big thing, everyone in the product team is constantly looking for the magic wand that helps them quickly understand how their customers and the market perceive their solutions so they can build the product strategy that helps their company win.

The good news is that there is plenty of data to help answer that question. Whether it’s customer calls, support tickets, usability testing, surveys, NPS scores, and more, there are plenty of ways you can listen to what your customer is saying. But how do you make sense of all of that data without drowning in spreadsheets? How do you avoid the pitfalls of recency bias without wasting valuable development cycles trying to gather and analyze disparate data sets?

From the beginning, Dovetail has been on a journey to become the customer insights hub for product teams - the single source of truth for all of your customer knowledge to help you build products people love. But just because all of your customer data lives in Dovetail doesn’t automatically make it useful. That’s why we have been focusing on delivering the magic wand your teams need to uncover the insights hidden in your messy customer data, and share them with stakeholders to drive alignment. In this blog we will explore the ways our solutions delivers on that promise.

Dovetail helps you use magic to uncover insights faster

Qualitative customer interviews (such as sales calls, usability tests, and others) are a treasure trove of valuable insights. However, these data points are also the most time-intensive to analyze. It seems that every video conferencing solution can spit out a basic transcript, but the reality is that no one has the time to comb through these assets and pull out key themes and takeaways.

Dovetail got its start as a powerful transcription solution, but we have delivered more features that magically transform this unstructured data into the insights you need:

When you upload a call into Dovetail, you can generate a summary of the transcript, complete with timestamps that quickly bring you to the sections that matter most to you.

Create a quick summary to identify key takeaways and keep your team in the loop.
Create a quick summary to identify key takeaways and keep your team in the loop.

We’ve also introduced features that help reduce the time it takes to further analyze the rich data points that you uncover in your data. Magic cluster reviews all of the highlights in a canvas view, and using AI classifies them into thematic groups. Decrease the time you spend trying to make sense of highlights across various sources, and let Dovetail give you the map to finding the treasure lying buried in your data.

Dovetail gives you the magic wand to align stakeholders on the voice of your customer

No good product decision was made in a silo. That’s why Dovetail is creating magic in not only the way you uncover insights in your data but also how you share those insights across a variety of teams and stakeholders to drive the alignment needed to successfully build and launch products.

Ever wasted time trying to finesse all of your customer feedback into a consumable format? What if you could just let the customer speak for themselves? Dovetail lets you do that by magically stitching together video highlights and creating engaging reels that literally bring the voice of your customer to life. No video editing experience required!

Now that you’ve got this magic highlight reel, you need to be able to share it and meet your stakeholders where they are. Dovetail has built integrations that ensure those reels can still pack a punch with minimal effort. Quickly share highlight reels via our embed link, which makes them instantly playable in tools like Slack, Notion, or wherever your team works. No troubleshooting needed from your side, it’s just magic!

Bring your customer into the tools your team uses every day.
Bring your customer into the tools your team uses every day.

But what about teams that need to ensure compliance with sensitive customer data? It can be even more time-intensive to redact transcripts and blur video, effectively creating a barrier to sharing those insights that are simply too high to scale. But not with Dovetail! Our magic redact capabilities magically give you the power of a seasoned video editor, and help you instantly blur videos and redact sections of your transcript so you don’t have to hold back valuable insights from the rest of your org.

Protect customer privacy in just one click.
Protect customer privacy in just one click.

Magic redact is currently in an open beta for all customers on an Enterprise plan with Dovetail (learn how to opt-in). If you are a current customer on any other plan, and interested in trying out magic redact, contact our sales team.

We are just getting started with the magic

While this has been a great start, we have been listening to our customers who want to decrease the time spent on analyzing and sharing insights even more. That’s why we are excited to harness the power of AI and ML technologies to magically transform the way our users:

  • Highlight key moments in call transcripts

  • Make sense of high-volume feedback

  • Search all of their data in Dovetail

  • Present insights to align with key stakeholders

  • And more!

We are excited to showcase what we have been up to in our first-ever community conference, Insight Out. Join hundreds of product professionals in-person in San Francisco (and thousands online) on April 11, and hear from industry visionaries from companies such as Uber, Meta, Okta, and more. Learn how the world’s leading teams are leveraging customer insights to build some of the most beloved products and see what’s coming next for the Dovetail customer insights hub.

Until then, anyone can try out most of the magic features mentioned above by signing up for a free Dovetail account today.

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