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Just like magic: Dovetail’s newest features are here

10 April 2024
Alissa LydonAlly KendallBenjamin Humphrey

Greetings from beautiful San Francisco! In case you missed it, we hosted Insight Out—our first global event that brings together product people to celebrate customer-centric innovations.

From humble beginnings in 2017, we have been building towards our mission to improve the quality of every thing. We want teams around the world to have the insights they need to make better product decisions—no guessing, no gut feel.

To accomplish this, we knew that we had to make it easier for anyone to engage with customer data. Whether you’re finding the answers among your vast collection of customer calls, product feedback, and research projects. Or creating a new project to identify key themes from complex customer data.

We are excited to launch several magic features that fit seamlessly into your workflow and uplift your Dovetail experience in surprising and delightful ways. Now, anyone in your organization can use Dovetail to magically unlock the value of your customer knowledge to build better products.

Transform feedback into insights with Channels

Transform continuous user feedback into insights with Channels.
Transform continuous user feedback into insights with Channels.

First up, I'm excited to introduce Channels. It’s a new way for product teams to turn user feedback into real-time, actionable insights. By continuously analyzing and classifying incoming data, you can identify patterns before they escalate into problems and prioritize your product work more effectively.

Channels uses large language model (LLM) and machine learning (ML) techniques to process vast amounts of high-volume, continuous user feedback and data sets such as support tickets, user feedback, app reviews, and support for Net Promoter Score/Customer Satisfaction Score (NPS/CSAT) responses coming soon.

We know AI still has plenty of limitations and quirks, so we always adopt a human-in-the-loop approach. This means you’ll always remain in control by renaming, merging, and splitting themes.

With Channels, you can stop wasting valuable feedback and use it to inform better product decisions.

Uncover insights hidden in customer data like magic

Everyone in the product organization is talking to customers—from product managers to designers and beyond. But just because you are gathering information doesn’t mean it’s easy to identify insights buried in dense call transcripts, industry reports, and more.

That’s why we have enhanced Dovetail with several features that magically uncover insights faster. These include:

Bring video and audio into Dovetail and magic transcribe will automatically transform it into text. We’ve made a number of recent improvements including enhanced word accuracy, speaker detection, and support for 41 languages.

Make sense of your customer conversations in seconds with magic summarize. It breaks it into chapters, letting you quickly navigate to important parts of the transcript. The summaries are editable because we don’t expect AI to take the reins fully. Now, you and your team can jump straight to specific topics in any video and cut down the time it takes to get to insight.

You’ll also notice our new notes sidebar, which neatly contains your interview’s metadata—summary, highlights, tags, fields, and comments. Power features like tags and fields are still at your fingertips but won’t overwhelm teammates just starting in Dovetail.

Magic summaries make customer conversations instantly digestible.
Magic summaries make customer conversations instantly digestible.

Magic highlight automatically suggests highlights in transcripts, massively reducing manual work. In line with our human-in-the-loop approach, you’re always in control. You can type customer prompts to ensure Dovetail highlights moments that matter to you. Then, accept or reject the highlights to meet your learning goal.

Magic reels allow you to see a highlight-only version of your customer conversations, showcasing key moments. This visual approach enables the data to tell its story succinctly, enabling playback of a trimmed video. It can turn an hour of video into minutes for your team.

Watch only the most important parts with magic reels.
Watch only the most important parts with magic reels.

We now have highlights of important moments across a bunch of customer calls and documents. Magic cluster allows you to see them from a different perspective and start finding patterns. Magic cluster uses machine learning and large language models to organize the highlights into themes. As always, you’re in control—you can adjust things by moving or duplicating items on canvas.

Magic cluster allows you to find patterns in impossibly large data sets.
Magic cluster allows you to find patterns in impossibly large data sets.

Now, in just one click, you can turn a group from the canvas into an insight ready to share with your team. Dovetail will automatically add those highlights into a reel, making them accessible and engaging for your team.

Drive alignment with instant access to insights

To complement our new features that make analysis easier, we are also delivering new ways to empower everyone to engage with a customer insights hub to find answers to the burning customer questions that can inform better decision-making across the organization. No more silos of customer knowledge – Dovetail is making it easier than ever for every team to align on a shared understanding of their users.

Magic search allows you to ask your data questions and provides deeper insights across all of your customer data. Rather than a simple keyword search, our new semantic search engine returns results based on meaning. With all of your insights in Dovetail, you can ask your insights hub questions.

Dovetail answers your question with an automatic summary of the results. There’s no need to read endless transcripts, documents, or survey responses. Magic search enables anyone to ‘talk’ to a customer at any time and fundamentally changes how teams consume insights.

Using our improved filtering capabilities, you can now segment data more easily to find the most relevant answers. Additionally, it automatically summarizes search results, complete with citations, enabling users to share evidence-backed insights in an instant.

Plus, we know how important it is that you can trust these generated insights. Now, citations in summaries allow you to trace the real data and insights that led to the summary.

Get quick answers to customer questions with magic search.
Get quick answers to customer questions with magic search.

Before sharing this with your team, now you can use magic redact to hide text, blur video, and mute audio. It’s an easy way to ensure your customers’ privacy is safe and helps your team stay compliant. We know participant privacy is a big deal for our enterprise customers, and magic redact is another feature in a long list of features we’ve built to help with compliance.

Protect your customer privacy with magic redact.
Protect your customer privacy with magic redact.

Try these features in Dovetail today. You can visit our pricing page to learn more about the features included in each plan. Or sign up for a free account today to start magically uncovering insights hidden in your data.

Join our webinar to learn more

Dovetail’s customer champions, Emily Brogan and Alissa Lydon, will teach you how to leverage our latest features to make magic with Dovetail.

Uncover delightful ways to streamline workflows, find answers to questions quickly, and seamlessly track themes in your feedback.

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