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Arriving at actionable user insights faster with AI-powered research

Last updated

9 January 2024


Claire Bonneau

Reviewed by

Jean Kaluza


1. Current state of AI adoption in user research
2. Concerns about AI-supported customer insights
4. A 7-step research strategy framework

The current state of AI adoption in user research

The number of AI-powered solutions across all aspects of modern business is surging. Companies are fundamentally transforming their strategies in key growth areas, particularly customer insights, with AI and traditional research practices increasingly converging.

In today's competitive environment, success hinges on regular research, whether the goal is identifying product-market fit or mitigating customer churn. An especially compelling argument for the importance of user research lies in the findings of a recent Amazon Web Services study. It revealed that the surveyed eCommerce businesses forfeited 35% of their potential revenue (approximately $1.4 trillion left on the table) because of poor user experience. Fortunately, recent AI advancements enable researchers to develop actionable customer insights in significantly less time (and at far-reduced cost) than conventional methods.

A 2023 State of User Research report shows an uptick in AI adoption among research professionals: 

(BTW, Dovetail emerged as one of the top five most used AI-based tools among these researchers 👋).

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