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Arriving at actionable user insights faster with AI-powered research

Last updated

9 January 2024


Claire Bonneau

Reviewed by

Jean Kaluza


1. Current state of AI adoption in user research
3. Popular research tools already using AI
4. A 7-step research strategy framework

Popular research tools already using AI

A couple of high-impact, AI-powered research tools we think you need to know about right now include:

Synthetic Users

Tired of searching for human participants within a small budget while juggling your research commitments? Synthetic Users is still in beta, but it offers exciting benefits. As the name implies, the software connects you with synthetic participants to test product-market fit and anticipate your audience’s needs. 

It might sound a bit like a Black Mirror episode. Still, the opportunity to use synthetic participants has huge benefits.

Remember that the insights aren’t derived from real-world data (but that is a huge advantage for data privacy). 

Instead, the data gets generated artificially, simulating and predicting a relationship between two things—such as a user and a product. 


Uizard lets UX teams create mockups quickly by:

  • Scanning your sketches to generate designs and wireframes

  • Turning your screenshots into editable designs

  • Using text prompts to create mockups 

  • Drag-and-drop modules

  • Collaborating with your team and stakeholders in real-time

Spending less time on the initial design stage means that you’re likely to identify a flop before you waste too much time and money on it. Or, if you identify a winner early on, you’ll know to prioritize it and build the whole design. 

Complete guide to AI in UX design


Naturally, we couldn’t share a list of AI tools without including our own. Dovetail is an AI-powered customer insights hub connecting you with deep and fast user insights.

A few of our most up-to-the-minute features and benefits include:

  • Sharing interview highlights within tools your team already use (such as Slack, Confluence, Jira, Notion, and Teams) 🔄

  • Thematic analysis and clustering highlights for easy action and organiziation 🧩

  • Skipping setup with insight templates 🚀

  • Using natural language processing (NLP), vector-based clustering, and sentence embedding 🤖

  • Uncovering fresh ideas you may have missed 💡

  • Grouping high volumes of data (with option to manually refine) and tracking long-range trends 📊

  • Automating your notes process, making business as usual (BAU) tasks a breeze ⚙️

  • Respecting your data privacy by processing data in-house 🔐

In short? We do the boring bit so you can focus on the exciting part: creating innovative, winning products.

See for yourself. Try Dovetail for free today.

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