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Arriving at actionable user insights faster with AI-powered research

Last updated

9 January 2024


Claire Bonneau

Reviewed by

Jean Kaluza


1. Current state of AI adoption in user research
4. A 7-step research strategy framework
6. Personalizing customer experience with AI
12 prompts for facilitating research with Gen AI

Personalizing customer experience with AI

As customers increasingly expect personalization, AI becomes a time-saving solution. It reduces the time needed to deliver better, customized content efficiently.

A recent Accenture report found that 75% of customers prefer buying from brands offering personalized experiences. Survey findings from McKinsey & Company confirm that brands using personalization achieve a 20% higher CX satisfaction rate.

Here are three key ways AI is ready to enhance your customer experience (CX):

Bespoke experiences—AI acts as a data-driven guide, understanding preferences.

Improved engagement—AI can lift engagement by analyzing and meeting customer needs and creating brand advocates.

Curated UX—industry leaders like Netflix and YouTube use AI to suggest tailored content, enhancing UX and overall satisfaction.

12 prompts for facilitating research with Gen AI

Effective prompting is key to extracting helpful info from ChatGPT and other GenAI tools. 

Keep in mind that mileage will vary—get experimental, make adjustments as needed, and find out what you can do in a fraction of the usual time:

1. Persona generation:

Prompt: "Generate a detailed persona for a user who frequently uses our product to achieve [specific goal]. Include demographics, behaviors, and pain points."

2. User journey narratives:

Prompt: "Create a user journey narrative for a first-time user exploring our app. Highlight key touchpoints, emotions, and pain points throughout the journey."

3. Feature prioritization:

Prompt: "Rank potential new features in order of importance based on user preferences and needs. Consider factors like usability, impact, and frequency of use."

4. Usability testing scenarios:

Prompt: "Develop realistic usability testing scenarios for our product, considering diverse user backgrounds and tasks. Include potential challenges users might face."

5. Competitor analysis:

Prompt: "Compare our product with competitors regarding usability, design, and feature set. Provide insights into areas where we can outperform or improve."

6. Tone and style:

Prompt: "Generate sample content with varying tones and styles for in-app messages. Ensure the content aligns with our brand and resonates with the target audience."

7. Accessibility:

Prompt: "Evaluate our product for accessibility compliance and generate a report outlining potential improvements to enhance the overall user experience for individuals with disabilities."

8. User feedback analysis:

Prompt: "Analyze user feedback from diverse sources (reviews, surveys, support tickets) to identify common themes and sentiments. Provide actionable insights for improvement."

9. Onboarding    Prompt: "Suggest improvements for the onboarding process to enhance user engagement. Consider personalized messages, guided tours, and interactive elements."

10. Engagement 

Prompt: "Generate creative ideas for increasing user engagement within our platform. Consider both short-term strategies for immediate impact and long-term engagement."

11. User education and feature discovery Prompt: "Develop content and strategies for effectively introducing new features to users. Consider tooltips, in-app guides, and educational materials."

12. Localization    Prompt: "Provide insights on adapting our product for an international market. Consider cultural nuances, language preferences, and user expectations."

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