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Arriving at actionable user insights faster with AI-powered research

Last updated

9 January 2024


Claire Bonneau

Reviewed by

Jean Kaluza


1. Current state of AI adoption in user research
4. A 7-step research strategy framework
8. AI won’t replace human nuance

AI won’t replace human nuance

AI won’t replace you so much as become the assistant you’ve always wanted. 

User research remains a human field of study led by (and for) humans. 

Even with AI tools multiplying, human input is still vital in many areas, including

  • Ethics

  • Problem-solving

  • Designing studies

  • Observational/ethnographic research

  • Nuance and context

  • Generating creative ideas

  • Empathy and human understanding

No matter how advanced AI technology gets, we cannot replace humans in UX research. 

Instead, UX researchers can harness new AI tools to augment their processes for better products and services.

Dovetail: Where the magic happens 

Are you looking for more time for the tasks that matter? With Dovetail, you can quickly turn customer data into insights that power smart product decisions. We offer speed without compromising on quality and automated experiences that fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Where you need it. When you need it.

Machine learning (ML) has been our product’s foundation from day one. It’s not a slimmed-down version—you get it all. Dovetail’s AI works hand-in-hand with you across all your needs. 

  • Customer calls are brimming with data, but transcription is a slog. We’ve got you covered. Our advanced speech engine transcribes multiple conversations in minutes.

  • Staying on top of sentiment is critical to customer satisfaction. Uncover positive themes in support tickets and discover where sales calls can improve. Essentially, we boost your EQ in one easy step.

  • You’ve gathered all the data, but where do you start? Our powerful model helps you find big ideas and intriguing patterns in impossibly large data sets. Thematic classification teaches you things you never knew about your customers by identifying, clustering, and labeling common themes.

  • Dovetail creates automatic summaries so you can share key customer insights with your team without typing a single word. Don’t get lost in the details—give them the TL;DR and hook them immediately.

It’s not ChatGPT.

Unlike ChatGPT, Dovetail automation is purpose-built to uncover customer insights quickly and securely. We process and store all data in-house because we know how important data security is to users who want to protect customer and participant data as if it were their own.  

  • Your data security matters to us, so we won’t use it to train any ML models.

  • We tailor our models to the job, whether you’re identifying themes or summarizing. 

  • Sick of tokens and character limits? Same. That’s why we work with whole transcripts and multiple highlights at once.

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