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Automate the tedious tasks with powerful machine learning features built for uncovering insights faster than ever.

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AI features hero image
AI features hero image

Accelerate your workflow

Get to deep customer insights in record time with new, purpose-built AI features. All while knowing your data is kept safe and sound.

Thematic clustering

Uncover themes in seconds

Make sense of large amounts of data with speed by automatically clustering your highlights by theme in canvas.

Cluster your highlights under common themes for you action in no time.

Find new trends, groups, and ideas you might’ve missed with machine learning.

Start grouping with automated clusters, then go deeper by refining the outputs manually.

Thematic clustering image

Keep stakeholders up-to-date

Auto-summarize key takeaways from interviews, feedback, and customer data on the fly.

Cut down time on BAU tasks with automated summaries for your notes, transcripts, and insights.

Increase the volume of deliverables you produce per project and keep stakeholders up-to-date.

Take stakeholders along the journey with quality summaries that influence.

Summarization image
Sentiment analysis

Track patterns across feedback

Automatically identify positive and negative sentiment in your transcripts and notes.

Sift through mountains of usability and evaluative testing data quickly.

Track patterns and trends over time across high volume customer feedback.

Identify recurring pain points, gains, and insights to drive roadmap items.

Sentiment analysis image

Data security from the get-go

All customer data is securely stored and processed in-house, so you can integrate AI into your process seamlessly.

Our ML infrastructure

Our features are powered by tailored machine learning infrastructure, run privately on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We utilize models from open source providers and industry-leading companies like AI21.

Data storage and processing

Your data will not be sent to any external providers or be used to train models for other Dovetail customers. We utilize natural language processing, sentence embedding, and vector-based clustering.

Think bigger

Read more from Dovetail about the technology that’s reshaping the world.

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We deploy multiple models ourselves and never use any of your data to train them, so you can be confident that your data—and that of your customers—is fully secure. While ChatGPT enforces short character limits, we build our AI features so that they can handle whole transcripts and multiple highlights at a time—without you having to manually copy paste them anywhere.

Dovetail uses a variety of market-leading LLMs trained on open data sets. No customer data is used to improve or train our model—all training occurs before the models are deployed. Any fine tuning that we do is done using generated data (artificial data that we source from contractors).

Our features help speed up the low-risk, manual, and time-consuming steps in your research process, so you can focus on the important parts. AI is especially helpful for time-poor researchers trying to analyze large quantities of data. With clustering, summarization, and sentiment analysis, our AI features can provide a first pass of synthesis or give you the gist of an interview so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Meet your new research partner

Who doesn’t love a little help? Play with our AI features today.

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