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Introducing Channels

28 April 2024
Ally Kendall
Sarah Burton

At Insight Out, we shared some of our most exciting product announcements yet, like magic highlight, to magic search and magic redact. But Benjamin Humphrey, Dovetail CEO saved the best to last.

Channels is an entirely new solution for product teams to automatically turn continuous user feedback into real-time, actionable insights. It’s available in beta to all customers on all paid plans.

We know the best products are built alongside customers. And the best customer insights are synthesized from multiple sources. Channels helps you stay up-to-date with mountains of support tickets, user feedback, and more—surfacing real-time insights that complement your research.

With machine learning built for automatic thematic classification of user feedback, channels unlocks the answers you need to make your next product decision; rally your team behind the most important customer problems; and avoid skimming feeds of feedback.

Take control of feedback

Connect your tools to automate your feedback analysis.
Connect your tools to automate your feedback analysis.

Don’t waste precious time jumping between tools and spreadsheets. Channels automatically syncs with multiple tools, continuously summarizes and classifies incoming data points, and paints a dynamic picture of changing feedback trends. It all happens automatically with our machine-learning processing engine.

You can connect Intercom, Zendesk, Front, ServiceNow, and Jira Service Management, or import a CSV, with more integrations coming soon.

Build your product intuition

Get quick summaries of your feedback themes.
Get quick summaries of your feedback themes.

Ever heard some feedback about your product and wondered if it’s a widespread problem? Now, you can cross-reference what you heard with a larger dataset and put anecdotal feedback into perspective. Avoid recency and sampling bias, and size up the problem by cross-referencing what you heard across all of your feedback channels and projects.

Our machine-learning models automatically classify feedback into themes which help you identify gaps and dig deep to build your product intuition, ensuring that critical user feedback is driving your design ideation, roadmap prioritization, and sprint planning sessions.

You can drill into a specific date range to understand the impact of a new feature or bug fix. Soon, you’ll also be able to drill down into your own product area or customer segment with powerful filtering, sorting, and data visualization features to control which themes are shown (or even generate new ones).

Make your themes work for you

Customize themes to focus on what's most critical.
Customize themes to focus on what's most critical.

There’s no one way to cut customer feedback. With channels, you’ll work hand-in-hand with our classification engine to surface themes that are important to you. Automatic classification will get smarter by renaming, merging, and building on your themes and data points.

As themes shift over time, we’ll let you know. When you come back to channels, you’ll find a summary of changed since you last visited, replacing manual support team reporting.

Connect your team to customers

Motivate your team to fix real customer problems based on real user feedback by creating a shared understanding of pain points and issues. With channels; engineers, designers, marketers, and senior leaders can all get on the same page and track feedback trends.

Security and scale at the core

Unlike tools like ChatGPT—which may use your data to train their models—we use our own tailored processing infrastructure meaning your data remains entirely your own. Your feedback is safe with us and backed by GDPR, HIPPA, and SOC 2 certifications.

Our infrastructure also means that as your volume of feedback scales, so too does your customer understanding. Unlike ChatGPT or other tools, channels can handle tens of thousands of data points without worrying about character or token limits.

More sources, more perspectives

Dovetail is already your source of truth for research projects and insights. Now with channels, you can build a more sophisticated view of your customer. By combining high-volume, continuous feedback with rich insights from project-based work, Dovetail enables you to connect multiple teams and data sources together to make better customer-led decisions and decide what to build next.

What’s next

Channels is currently in beta. As we refine the experience and feature set based on your valuable feedback and our ongoing research—all collected and analyzed with Dovetail projects and channels, of course—we’ll add more features, support more data types like survey responses, churn reasons, or product reviews, and ship new integrations.

Don’t let feedback go to waste.

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Decide what to build next

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