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16 customer feedback tools to help you grow in 2024

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18 July 2023


Dovetail Editorial Team

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Customer feedback is an essential part of any business's growth and development. Hearing directly from those most responsible for a company's success can offer valuable insight into the customer journey and highlight areas where the business should focus additional resources. However, gathering that feedback isn't always easy. 

From emailed surveys to specialty platforms designed to capture customer responses and intricate feedback, these tools can set you up for success in 2023 and beyond.

Why are customer feedback tools important?

Customer feedback tools allow businesses across industries to hear the voice of the customer. They make it easy for customers on any stage of their journey to communicate with a business, relaying their frustrations, joys, and what they loved about their experience. 

Customer feedback tools are a critical component of customer service in many businesses, whether they’re used for collecting "in the moment" feedback or gathering responses to an initiative that’s been months in the making. Without customer feedback tools, companies are virtually flying blind.

What to look for in customer feedback tools

Customer feedback tools can improve all business operations, from customer experience to streamlined marketing campaigns. However, not every customer feedback tool is right for every business. 

When searching for a customer feedback tool, try to find one that works well with your existing workflow. If the tool integrates easily with the tools you already use, you'll likely have an easier time implementing it and using it regularly. 

Before starting your search, list what you hope to accomplish and any opportunities where you can connect with customers in your existing processes. 

Top 16 customer feedback tools

There are endless choices when it comes to customer feedback tools. Below are the top 16 customer feedback collection tools making waves in 2023.

Best survey tools

You can send surveys through emails, text messages, or pop-ups. They’re one of the best ways to solicit customer feedback and can consist of one or two questions or as many as two dozen. Depending on the tool you use, you can create a fully customized survey or use a pre-made template that allows you to send and start collecting responses.

1. SurveyMonkey

An online survey software that has become popular with a variety of companies across different industries, Survey Monkey offers over 100 integrations. There are many pre-made survey templates for you to choose from. But if you want to design your own customer feedback survey, Survey Monkey also features full personalization capabilities. There are multiple plan options and versatile pricing, providing something for almost every budget.

2. AskNicely

If you want to get customer feedback straight after the point of purchase, AskNicely could be just the ticket. AskNicely allows you to garner customer feedback through short-form surveys right after a product purchase or a customer service interaction. With AskNicely, companies receive customer feedback while the interaction is fresh in the client's mind. You can use AskNicely through email, website, and even SMS.

3. Typeform

If you're looking to get inside your customers' heads and find out exactly what they love about your business, Typeform might be able to help. Typeform is a customizable software that allows you to create quizzes, surveys, and forms and send them directly to your customers. It has built-in photo and video libraries, so you can add components of visual interest to your survey forms, and a one-at-a-time question format that makes it easy to keep recipients engaged. 

4. Jotform

Jotform allows businesses to create custom forms that they can integrate with a variety of existing business applications. With more than 150 available integrations and payment support options directly in the platform, Jotform is a solid option for those looking for a customer feedback tool that can easily integrate into CRM or cloud storage apps. Also, customer experience teams can build forms in Jotform without coding, making it relatively simple to use.

5. Google Forms

User-friendly and uncomplicated, Google Forms is an easy choice for companies who already use Google software and want a simple way to capture customer feedback. The basic interface is customizable, allowing you to choose from drag-and-drop or multiple-question options. Google Forms is also free to use, making it a good option for companies working with limited budgets or those new to collecting customer feedback

If you're looking for more insightful data collection, you might want to consider a more comprehensive solution. But for beginners, it's hard to beat Google Forms.

6. Formstack

Similar to AskNicely, Formstack is a software that offers no-code-required form creation. This allows businesses to quickly create and distribute customer feedback surveys, a valuable quality when staff have busy schedules. The drag-and-drop interface makes it popular for companies with limited coding experience. And with over 250 available integrations, it’s a versatile tool you can use across many businesses in various industries. 

Best review tools

Reviews show what clients love about you and help you connect with new customers. These review tools let you harness the power of data to make word-of-mouth go even further.

7. TrustPilot

Increasingly, businesses are looking to capture feedback at multiple stages throughout the customer journey. TrustPilot is at the forefront of this, collecting valuable customer reviews and using them to enhance a business's reputation. You can display reviews collected through TrustPilot directly on your website. And with the user-friendly tools available, you can even see how many reviews you're averaging over a certain period. 

8. Kiyoh

Kiyoh is a platform that can help your business gain greater exposure through reviews styled just like your website. Kiyoh's user-friendly review system can boost your business in search engine results, getting the word out about why current clients love your products and services and gaining you more customers. 

9. Bazaarvoice

Connect with consumers through the power of user-generated content when you use Bazaarvoice. Bazaarvoice can improve audience segment targeting and drive organic interest in your products through reviews and feedback. Also, you'll gain actionable marketing insights about what customers love most about your products and what you might need to focus on for improvement and further development. 

10. Feefo

Compelling, curated content is the cornerstone of Feefo's (formerly Reevoo) offerings. Feefo is a review-collecting software that can enhance a company's SEO performance, build customer loyalty, and enhance your brand's reputation, all through the publication of original content. With Feefo, you can access reviews and ratings as they happen, giving you real-time insight into what customers think about your products and services.

11. Hotjar

If you're curious about what areas of your website are garnering the most interest, Hotjar might be right for you. Hotjar shows companies how customers interact with their websites through heat maps revealing where users spend most of their time. These heat maps can also highlight what buttons customers are clicking on and what parts of your website they tend to avoid. 

Hotjar also offers feedback surveys you can create to pop up on your website and records anonymous user sessions to see the path users take before they abandon the site.

12. Feedbackify

Feedbackify provides lightning-fast integration for companies ready to receive feedback from website visitors in just minutes. Feedbackify offers several user-friendly features, such as continual feedback capture, which allows you to find out what your site visitors want and quickly apply the necessary changes. 

13. Qualaroo

Get insight into why your site visitors feel the way they do about your website with Qualaroo. This intuitive analytics solution gives you and your team the tools to help customers at every stage of their journey with you, from their first visit to your website to their experiences with the product or service they purchase from your business. With AI-powered analytics and a focus on seamless design, Qualaroo promises it will collect valuable customer feedback without slowing down your website.

14. Podium

Podium is an all-in-one platform that allows you to collect feedback from your customers on every stage of their journey. It can integrate payment processes and improve response rates, all while empowering you to understand your clients better. You can also manage all your customer communications through Podium, with text message, email, and social post response services available. 

15. Canny

Keeping customer feedback all in one place is the cornerstone of Canny, a platform that lets you access client insights easily. This customer feedback management tool can help you determine what to focus on first, all while collecting information from clients and sales associates. 

16. Dovetail

You can store customer research, feedback, and insights in one place with Dovetail. Completely customizable and user-friendly, Dovetail can connect to dozens of tools and applications, streamlining your team's internal processes and standardizing insight management. With Dovetail's powerful data insights, you can bring your customer directly into every decision you make, helping you to grow your market share and earn more satisfied clients.

How to choose the right customer feedback tool

While dozens of customer feedback tools exist on the market, not all of them are right for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you select a customer feedback tool:

Ease of use

A tool can be intuitive and streamlined, but if it isn't easy for your team to use, it won't be much help for your organization. When reviewing customer feedback tools, look for one that’s user-friendly and has a customer support team on staff to answer questions as they come up.

Multi-channel feedback

Most companies use multiple channels to promote products and services and connect with customers. Your customer feedback tool will ideally offer multi-channel feedback, so you can hear the voice of the customer from every avenue necessary for your business. 


In today's digital age, connecting your feedback tool to your other data applications is vital to ensure operational efficiency. Your customer feedback tool should integrate easily with other applications your business uses. This will streamline your internal processes and give you a more accurate view of the data.


Some customer feedback tools are free, while others can be quite expensive. Consider your budget when selecting the right tool for your business.

Customer feedback tools can be invaluable for providing insight into where your business is succeeding and how you can better connect with customers. Through data insights, reviews, and intuitive surveys, you'll be able to thrive in a competitive landscape and keep your customers happy.


What are the different types of customer feedback methods?

There are various ways to collect customer feedback. Popular methods include surveys, reviews, social media posts, feedback, and comments, such as replies to email blasts or social posts. Returns and product exchanges can also offer insight into the

Of course, direct commentary to a member of the customer service team is the most effective form of customer feedback, but any interaction with a customer can offer valuable feedback on how your business is succeeding at serving clients.

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