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Dovetail Editorial Team

Dovetail's Editorial Team is made up of experts who know their stuff when it comes to customer insights, UX research, and design. The team creates practical, genuine, and entertaining content that is designed to be helpful to anyone who does research.

We genuinely believe in the power of research to change the way teams build products and, ultimately, improve the quality of every thing. We hope you find an article or an answer here that helps you do that.

Skills and expertise
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About our content review process

Our mission is to create and share content that helps everyone improve the quality of every thing. No complicated jargon or industry terminology. No content written by AI-powered robots. Just what you need to know when you need to know it. And, most importantly, every word is checked by an expert before it’s published. Our team of independent content reviewers includes experienced UX researchers, product designers, market researchers, survey specialists, product managers, and more, so you can be confident what you’re reading is relevant, accurate, and high quality.

Articles written by Dovetail
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