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Top 15 sentiment analysis tools for 2024

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9 July 2023


Dovetail Editorial Team

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Sentiment analysis is important for understanding how your customers and potential customers feel about your brand and products. 

Many tools and strategies that can help you gauge customer opinions online, and we're checking them out today. 

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is about understanding how customers and potential customers feel about your business and products. 

This can be more difficult to measure than some metrics as it's more subjective than quantifiable metrics such as clicks, conversions, or sales. However, it's a crucial factor for all brands and industries. 

Large brands are constantly monitoring sentiment. A single misstep can turn customers against a large company, such as a poorly conceived social media post. 

However, smaller brands also need to be aware of customer sentiment. A few reviews on Facebook, Yelp, or Angie's List can boost or harm even a small business. 

What is a sentiment analysis tool?

A sentiment analysis tool is software that lets you better understand customer sentiment regarding your brand. 

Many of these tools now use artificial intelligence to monitor customer texts or calls. They may search for keywords that convey positive, neutral, or negative emotions. 

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Benefits of adopting a sentiment analysis tool

Manually analyzing customer sentiment is complex and time-consuming. 

Sentiment analysis tools allow you to automate the process by using software that can monitor large amounts of data in a short time. 

What are the main functions of sentiment analysis tools?

These tools may perform a variety of functions, including:

Market research

Understanding customer sentiment helps you gauge the demand for new products or, in the case of startups, an entire business.

Competitor research

Analyzing customer sentiment on your competitors gives clues on what people prefer and don't like. 

Social media monitoring

Automated tools can identify relevant conversations about your brand and sentiments about your industry.

Evaluating customer service or contact center interactions

You always want to know how customers and prospects feel about the service they receive. That applies whether they’re inquiring about a potential purchase or discussing a problem with something they own. 

15 best sentiment analysis tools of 2023

Here are our recommendations for sentiment analysis tools to help you better understand your customers:

1. MonkeyLearn

MonkeyLearn allows you to analyze many types of customer feedback using customizable tags. 

MonkeyLearn's free Word Cloud Generator can show you popular words associated with different tags. 

Key features:

Review analysis

Quickly analyze reviews to gain insights into your product's strengths and weaknesses. This helps you form a proactive strategy and anticipate customers' needs

CSAT survey analysis

Analyze customer satisfaction scores from one dashboard to make the necessary improvements to your products that match customer demands. 

Support analysis

A customizable dashboard where you can analyze support tickets and identify recurring issues. You can track and score agent performance by topic and categorize tickets by product, feature, and customer type.  

NPS analysis

MonkeyLearn lets you understand open-ended NPS questions to learn what your customers really want, reducing customer churn.

Pricing: MonkeyLearn’s Team plan is $299/month, with custom pricing for Enterprise plans. 

2. Idiomatic

Idiomatic lets you create customized sentiment analysis models with many useful functions.

Key features:

  • Distinct models for different channels, such as customer reviews and support tickets, making analysis more accurate

  • Lets you track customer sentiment changes over time for necessary adjustments

  • Tickets to agents are pre-tagged, allowing for better communication and faster service.

  • Pinpoints the issues that are most costly to your business, can be resolved through automation, and have the highest potential ROI

Pricing: Idiomatic is $199/month.

3. HubSpot Service Hub and MAXG

HubSpot offers a wide range of marketing tools. The HubSpot Service Hub includes customer feedback software to understand what your customers are thinking and saying. 

Key features:

  • Create customized customer surveys

  • Share customer feedback with your team

  • Helps you interpret qualitative customer data such as survey responses, including NPS (net promoter score) surveys that quantify customer sentiment

  • Integration with your CRM lets your team promptly reach out to dissatisfied customers

Pricing: The HubSpot Service Hub costs: 

  • $45/month for the Starter plan

  • $360/month for the Professional plan

  • $1200/month for the Enterprise plan

There are also free tools like ticketing, live chat, and reporting.

HubSpot also offers MAXG, an AI-powered app that provides insights and recommendations. This tool integrates with all other HubSpot services as well as Google Analytics. 

This app is priced separately, with a free version, a Pro version at $24.17/month, and an Agency plan at $82.50/month (billed annually).

4. Repustate

Repusate is part of the popular social media marketing platform Sprout Social.

Key features:

  • Claims to be 12x faster and 50% more accurate than competitors

  • Uses an advanced API that can analyze text to identify customer sentiment. It can also interpret emojis and popular online acronyms like lol and smh

  • Tools to help companies attract and retain the best employees

  • Healthcare companies can collect insights from social media, reviews, surveys, and other sources to help them improve the patient experience

  • Works in multiple languages

Pricing: Repustate costs $299/month for the standard plan.

5. Brand24

Brand24 is an AI-powered social listening tool that monitors brand mentions across social media, reviews, blogs, podcasts, videos, and more. 

Key features:

  • The mentions feeds provide a convenient, organized stream of brand mentions

  • Discussion volume charts let you see any sudden changes in discussion volume, allowing you to respond quickly to potential problems or leverage opportunities

  • Email or in-app alerts inform you of sentiment changes

  • Influence scores let you see how your brand stacks up against the competition

  • You can also use the tool to analyze competitors 

Pricing: Brand24 offers a 14-day free trial and costs: 

  • $49/month for the Individual plan

  • $129/month for teams

  • $179/month for the Pro plan

  • $348/month for the Enterprise plan

6. Lexalytics

Lexalytics has advanced text analysis capabilities that help you better understand your customers. The software uses natural language processing (NLP) to tell you what your audience is saying and why.

Key features:

  • Manage text documents from multiple sources on a single platform

  • Manage roles and permissions for different users

  • The text analysis tool identifies customer emotions and intentions based on their language in reviews and posts

  • Compare your results across locations to identify higher and lower-performing platforms to adjust your approach

  • Spotlight is compatible with 30 languages, so you can improve your communications, customer service, and marketing efforts globally

Pricing: Spotlight prices are available upon request.

7. Reputation

As the company's name suggests, Reputation offers tools to help brands improve their online reputation. Sentiment analysis is closely related to reputation management, as understanding a customer's sentiments helps you improve your reputation. 

Reputation uses NLP to analyze customer feedback on many platforms.

Key features:

  • Offers customized and segmented services based on your industry, including: 

    • Automotive

    • Hospitality

    • Retail

    • Healthcare

    • Financial services

    • Property management

  • Lets you easily deliver in-app surveys, such as brand awareness surveys, NPS, market research, and event evaluation surveys

  • Social media monitoring and listening tools to track brand mentions and topics relevant to your business

  • Monitor customer reviews for your products and business

Pricing: Contact Reputation for pricing information.

8. Talkwalker

Many influential brands use Talkwalker. It's especially strong in analyzing social media sentiment. 

Key features:

  • Uses a proprietary AI engine to provide advanced insights on customer data

  • Automated report creation and customized dashboards to easily share with teams

  • Social listening taps into billions of conversations on social media, news sites, blogs, and forums

  • Image, video, and speech recognition technology allow for wider monitoring

Pricing: Contact Talkwalker for pricing information.

9. Sentisum

Sentisum provides automated tools that inform you of customer sentiments on multiple platforms. Many integrations allow you to gain valuable customer insights and respond promptly. 

Key features:

  • AI places your conversations into categories based on topic, intent, and sentiment

  • Auto-route support tickets to the right team in real-time

  • Automated analysis of CSAT (customer satisfaction surveys)

  • Sentisum converts social media comments and reviews into support tickets so you can quickly respond

  • Integrates with many other platforms, including HubSpot, Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Survey Monkey

Pricing: Sentisum costs:

  • $1,000/month for Growth 

  • $2,000/month for Pro

  • Custom pricing for Enterprise plans

10. Rosette

Rosette lets you analyze text in over 30 languages. It uses base linguistics to recognize languages, keywords, parts of speech tagging, and lemmatization (an NLP process of grouping different inflected forms of the same word).

Key features:

Sentiment analyzer

This tool uses machine learning trained on reviews and tweets to detect positive and negative sentiments in documents. 

It can discern differences in sentiment for different products in a single document, like when a customer is favorable towards one brand, person, or entity and negative about another.

Content categorizer

This lets you easily create custom categories that apply to your company. 

For example, you can categorize social media posts by topic, identify positive and negative sentiments, prioritize customer service queries, and more. 


This advanced deep search application was made especially for Salesforce. 

You can search fields, files, and objects across many sources to find relevant data such as job orders, candidates, and keywords. 

The app requires a separate purchase, starting at $360/year per user. 

Pricing: Rosette costs: 

  • $100/month for the Starter plan

  • $400/month for the Medium plan

  • $1,000 for the Large plan

11. Critical Mention

Critical Mention monitors the media for brand mentions, including television, print and online newspapers, podcasts, and social media.  

This service has operated since 2002, making Critical Mention one of the first companies to implement social listening and monitoring. 

Key features:

  • Monitors news sources in over 90 languages in real-time

  • Monitors over 2,500 TV and radio stations around the world

  • Tracks trends, keywords, and brand mentions across social media

  • You can even track content that's behind paywalls

Pricing: Contact Critical Mention for pricing information. 

12. Sentiment Analyzer

Sentiment Analyzer is a free tool that lets you get a sentiment score by searching any text. 

You simply type in your text, and the system generates a sentiment score between -100 and +100. On this scale, any score above 0 indicates positive sentiment. 

Sentiment Analyzer is less comprehensive than the paid tools on our list. It's a useful starting point to get a general idea about the sentiment behind a document or post. 

13. Social Searcher

This social media monitoring tool offers free and paid services.

Key features:

  • Search using a keyword, brand name, or hashtag to find out the level of interest for the term and whether sentiment is positive or negative

  • Use Social Searcher to gauge sentiment about your brand and competitors

  • Unlimited history via API. Sort data by date, social platform, content type, or popularity 

  • Advanced analytics: Track your social media progress for specific periods

  • Set up alerts via email when your name or brand comes up on social media

  • Automatic language recognition: Sentiment analytics are available in 42 languages

Pricing: The Free plan allows for 100 daily searches. Pricing starts at: 

  • €3.49/month for the Basic plan

  • €8.49/month for the Standard plan

  • €19.49/month for Professional

You can sample the Standard plan with a 14-day free trial. 

14. Brandwatch

Brandwatch claims it's the "world's most powerful consumer research tool." 

This may be debatable, but the tool offers some impressive capabilities.

Key features:

  • Uses advanced AI to uncover new trends before anyone else

  • The collaborative content calendar makes it easy to manage channels, teams, and campaigns in one place

  • Monitor potential threats from over 100 million sources so you can respond to issues before they become major problems

  • Image analysis – While most AI-based sentiment analysis tools focus on text, Brandwatch can also analyze images. This lets you identify instances of someone using your logo or a competitor’s. It also lets you measure the popularity of images all over the internet.  

Pricing: Brandwatch offers several plans: Consumer Intelligence, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing. Contact them for pricing information. 

15. Dovetail

Dovetail offers many tools and services to help brands better understand their customers. 

Many large and diverse brands, including Canva, Harvard Business Publishing, Kickstarter, Netguru, and Vero, use Dovetail for customer insights and sentiment analysis. 

Key features:

  • Store customer research, feedback, and insights in one place

  • AI tools quickly analyze large amounts of data

  • Import data from other sources, tag key themes, identify meaningful patterns, and share insights with your team

  • Customize workspaces and templates to the needs of your business and industry

  • Create reusable project templates to standardize research throughout your organization

  • AI summarization lets you gain key insights from interviews, feedback, and other customer data to share with stakeholders

  • AI thematic clustering helps you understand complex data with automatic clustering highlights by theme

  • Dozens of integrations, including Google Drive, Zoom, SharePoint, OneDrive, Slack, and Zapier

Price: Pricing for Dovetail starts at: 

  • $30/month for Starter

  • $375/month for Team

  • $1,200/month for Business

It also offers custom Enterprise plans.

How to choose a sentiment analysis tool for your business

With so many choices, it can be challenging to select the tool that's right for you. 

These key questions can help you make the most suitable choice:

Can it handle many different data sources? 

Many types of data can provide useful data. A tool that can identify and analyze data from many sources will be more valuable than one that only uses a single variety, such as text analysis. 

Can it analyze real-time data? 

When it comes to brand mentions, it's crucial to be informed right away. A negative social media comment or review can do a great deal of damage if you don’t promptly address it. 

Real-time analytics let your team know about important customer feedback right away.

Can it recognize complex emotions and expressions? 

You need to go beyond simplistic categories such as "happy" or "not happy" to truly understand customer sentiment. There are gradations of liking or not liking something. 

You also want to know why customers feel the way they do. Customers may not always use "keywords" to indicate their reaction, so you need a sophisticated tool to pick up on nuances and more complex conversations.


How accurate are sentiment analysis tools?

No tool is 100% accurate. However, with advancing AI technology, they are getting better at picking up even the most complex human reactions. 

What are the three types of sentiment analysis?

 The three main categories are: 

  • Rule-based works according to manually set rules

  • Automatic relies solely on machine learning

  • Hybrid uses a combination of the two approaches

What is the difference between NLP and sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis often uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, which are designed to process and comprehend language in a humanlike manner.

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