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What is product feedback software?

Companies use product feedback software to gather feedback from their customers. Modern businesses face increasing competition and must address the needs and preferences of their customers to stay ahead. 

Product feedback software benefits businesses by helping them to understand their customers’ opinions of their product. With this knowledge, they can make more informed decisions about product development and marketing strategies. 

Types of product feedback

There are several ways software can help businesses connect with customers. Among the most common is survey software. This software enables companies to create surveys about their products or services and distribute them to customers. This type of software allows for extensive customization of surveys so brands can get the exact information they need to inform their decisions.

Another popular way to get feedback is to place feedback forms directly on a company's website. These forms can be a speedy way for customers to send personalized messages or to answer a series of quick, survey-like questions. On the backend, the software will collect the responses, conveniently organize them, and possibly help the business analyze the data collected.

External review sites can also be a wealth of information about how customers perceive a product or service. Some customer feedback software can help the business ingest this data and use it for further analysis. 

Why is product feedback important?

The best companies are constantly evolving the products and services they offer. Whether this means creating a new product or incrementally refining an old one, the effort won't be successful unless the product moves in a direction that aligns with customers’ needs and experiences. 

Existing products

Gathering customer feedback allows businesses to better understand what their customers want from a product. They can use this to identify areas of improvement in current products. 

By aligning the product more closely with customers’ needs, brands can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and along with it, they'll increase their revenue. A company that frequently updates products to changing market realities also gains a significant competitive edge against competitors.

New products

Sometimes, existing products aren't enough to fill the gap in a market. Here too, the analysis allowed by customer feedback can set a business on the path to greater success. 

By using their feedback tools to identify what customer needs they aren't currently addressing, companies position themselves to create a product that fills that hole and leaves the competition playing catch up. By playing their cards right with new product development, businesses can grow their customer base and strengthen their market position.

Product development

Each of these processes requires a product development phase. By integrating customer feedback right from the start of the product, businesses can see how test users respond to the product and launch with a more refined version than otherwise possible.

How can product feedback tools make a difference?

Let's take a closer look at how using product feedback tools can help business improve their product development process and the marketing strategies they use to promote them. 

Better organization

One of the biggest ways product feedback tools can impact a business's workflows is by allowing them to collect and analyze data from multiple sources. We've seen how survey software, feedback forms, and review platforms can all be used to collect data from customers. 

Some customer feedback platforms allow businesses to collect all that data in one centralized location. This allows for a more comprehensive view of customer needs and preferences and more convenient monitoring of customer satisfaction and sentiment.

Improved analysis

The best tools will take this one step further, providing businesses with powerful analysis and collaboration features to better understand the data. 

For example, Dovetail provides features such as tagging, searching, and filtering feedback data. This can make it easier to identify patterns and trends that emerge in the data collected from customers. 

Dovetail's collaboration tools allow teams from different areas to work together, enabling cross-functional analysis and decision-making that can improve outcomes. 

Faster response time

By placing all of the customer feedback data into a cohesive and easy-to-read location, these tools also enable businesses to monitor feedback more closely. 

They make it possible to examine all the data as it comes in, allowing for real-time reactions and immediate insights. This enables businesses to address and resolve time-sensitive concerns more quickly, improving customer satisfaction and minimizing the negative impact of the problem.

The best customer feedback tools for organizing product feedback

There are many customer feedback tools available in the market that can help businesses organize their data. Dovetail is a leading product feedback tool that centralizes feedback data and empowers data-driven decisions. 

Dovetail is an insights hub for all kinds of product feedback. It makes it easy to create actionable insights from feedback across a variety of sources from one easily searchable repository. Whether the data comes from surveys, feedback forms, or review platforms, Dovetail can ingest it and aid in the analysis process. 

Other great customer feedback tools integrate nicely with Dovetail, including:

  • Qualtrics

    This is a complete experience management platform. It's designed to analyze the entire customer journey to identify any sources of friction and guide teams on the best way to resolve those issues.

  • SurveyMonkey

    This is a popular and easy-to-use tool for creating and distributing surveys to gather customer feedback. The interface is simple for everyone to learn, so team members can get started creating surveys right away.

  • Zendesk

    This highly popular customer support platform includes ticket management, live chat, and customer feedback collection tools. It helps provide a centralized location for communicating with customers so you can address their concerns more quickly.

  • Typeform

    Another popular tool, Typeform is a modern, interactive way to collect customer feedback through surveys and quizzes. Like SurveyMonkey, it's designed to be easy to use so anyone can start collecting actionable insights with a minimal learning curve.

By integrating one or more of these tools with Dovetail, companies can create a powerful tech stack that facilitates easier communication with customers while providing product development teams with the insights they need to build the next great thing.

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