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17 product management podcasts to listen to in 2024

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27 January 2024


Dovetail Editorial Team

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Mary Mikhail

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The start of 2024 is a great time to make new resolutions, both personal and professional. For example, as a personal goal, you might decide to focus on fitness through daily cardio or weight training. Your professional goals, on the other hand, might be all about improving your work–life balance, zeroing in on a new job or promotion, or achieving more of your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Industry podcasts can give you important information that can help you thrive in your field. As a product manager specifically, product management podcasts can play a central or supporting role in accomplishing your goals—no matter what they are. Listening to “edutaining” product management podcasts can be the perfect backdrop to your new personal routines, and they can give you the expert-level insights you need to excel in your job.

Below, you’ll find our top recommendations for product management podcasts to listen to in 2024. There are podcasts for beginners, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, with fun anecdotes, 360-degree views of cutting-edge product management strategies, and motivational insights.

What makes a good product management podcast?

There are lots of different reasons to listen to product management podcasts. The “why” behind listening to them should be a big part of your criteria for choosing your next show.

The following criteria make for a good product management podcast:

  • Frequent, recent updates: if you’re going to commit to a new podcast, make sure it has a reliable posting schedule. Opt for podcasts that release episodes once or twice a week, and check their recent history to make sure they still do. This ensures you can always queue a new episode.

  • Long back catalog: a long-running podcast is great for multiple reasons. First, it tells you something about the quality; most subpar podcasts won’t last for long. Also, if you like the hosts and want to listen to more episodes immediately, a long back catalog means you can listen to lots of content in quick succession.

  • Lengths that fit your schedule: some people love short, daily episodes, while others prefer hour-long releases. Based on the length of the episodes, different podcasts will slot better into different parts of your routine.

  • You’re the intended audience: product management is a big field, and there are lots of different listeners. Many podcasts will be available for general or whole-industry audiences because of their approachability and mass appeal, but others are intended for very specific audiences: business founders, managers, aspiring directors, and so on.

How product management podcasts can benefit you

Adding product management podcasts to your weekly listening rotation does more than offer information about the topics you’re passionate about. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy when you listen to these podcasts regularly:

  • Discover use cases and applications: if you’re just starting your career or considering a new specialty, podcasts can teach you about terminology, important concepts, and how product management workflows apply to real-world scenarios.

  • Learn about big names in the industry: to succeed, it’s important to know more about how the industry is currently unfolding. Knowing about executives and influential product management professionals provides more context for information within the industry. You’ll also have more talking points for professional conversations and be able to easily stay up-to-date with current events.

  • Hear helpful, engaging anecdotes: while educational content is important, it’s not always engaging to listen to. Anecdotes, on the other hand, are entertaining and provide interesting perspectives that increase retention and give you information you can apply to your own day-to-day activities. They can give you insight into different strategies, workflows, and project management tips and mistakes.

  • Get tips that apply to your work life: some podcasts provide clear-cut tips and advice. Whether you prefer Q&A-style podcasts, narrative-style podcasts from an experienced expert, or other advice-focused episodes, you can take note of relevant pieces of advice and see how they fit into your own career.

  • Receive career advice: besides general tips about project management and strategizing, you can receive advice specific to your career. For example, you can learn more about hiring in the current market, career development, and what areas you can specialize in.

On top of these benefits, many podcasts are produced by talented, engaging professionals who know how to provide helpful information and tell stories. You can enjoy a pleasant mix of industry insights, helpful advice, and fun anecdotes about subjects you care about while going about your daily life.

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Top product management podcasts to follow today

Adding too many new podcasts to your listening queue can be overwhelming. Instead, we recommend skimming through this list and finding two or three that suit your interests. Check out their top episodes for a trial run, then return to this list to add more options to your listening schedule. This way, you’ll always have new, interesting project management content to listen to.

1. The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast is currently in its tenth season. Episodes, which are approximately 30 minutes long, feature a wide range of notable guests, including CPOs, CEOs, directors, and more.

Every season has a theme. Season 10 focussed on “Women who build,” highlighting women in the industry, but there are plenty of other themes that might suit your current interests. Perhaps “Product authors” (season 6) or “Product career advice” (season 9) will take your fancy.

The Product Podcast is hosted by Product School. Along with its flagship podcast, this organization offers a wide range of certifications: a product manager certification, an AI product certification, a product marketing manager certification, and more. It also offers plenty of blog posts, templates, and events if you want to expand beyond the podcast.

2. This is Product Management

Another interview-style podcast, This is Product Management features a wide range of COO, director, and product leadership guests. They all speak on different issues ranging from UX to diversity.

The podcast, hosted and produced by DISQO, a leader in customer experience, currently has 100 varied episodes in its catalog. A new episode comes out every few months.

Listeners enjoy the variety of topics and how the guests can drill down into different ideas to deliver clear insights. There’s a lot of information with very little fluff, so make sure you play this podcast when you can really focus on the content.

3. Product Hunt Radio

Product Hunt Radio is a classic product management podcast. While there hasn’t been a new episode since 2020, it still offers a lot of knowledge regarding trends, core concepts in product development, and challenges in the industry that are still relevant today.

Listeners can engage with different guests who work in a wide range of industries and markets around the globe.

The episodes, of which there are over 200, are always interesting. Each one generally lasts 30–45 minutes, so there’s plenty of content to discover.

Listeners note that this podcast is fascinating for industry professionals at every level. It’s also great listening for anyone interested in how product management works.

4. Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is a long-running podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman. The catalog stretches back to 2017 and has over 250 episodes.

You’ll find interviews and insights from Fortune 100 company C-level executives, game developers, and marketing experts. The podcast also has different programs, such as “Masters of Scale: Rapid Response” hosted by Bob Safian. There’s an easy-to-search interface if you want to curate your experience instead of listening to everything.

Podcast episodes vary in length, audience, and niche, so you can cover a lot of ground or zero in on your favorite subjects.

5. How I Built This

In How I Built This, the host, Guy Raz, speaks to entrepreneurs from around the world. You’ll recognize many of the interviewees from the headlines. You might also recognize Guy Raz, who hosted All Things Considered (weekend edition) on NPR and TED Radio Hour.

With this podcast, you’ll get at least one new episode a week. Some are just half an hour long, and others last over an hour. You’ll hear insights about developing digital products, educational products, health products, and more.

You’ll have plenty of well-crafted interviews to listen to, whether you stick to new releases or binge-listen to the last several years of production. As of the end of 2023, there were 580 episodes.

6. Product Love

Product Love is a Pendo podcast that concluded in 2022 with over 200 episodes. It focused on the sheer joy of creating products that you feel strongly about and love the process of creating.

You can listen to learn more about the practice of product management, how to continue loving the work you do, and how to evolve with new technologies and markets.

Product Love episodes are approximately 40 minutes long, with each featuring a new guest who plays or has played a pivotal role in the industry.

7. Scrum Master Toolbox (agile)

A key element of product management is project management, and Scrum Master Toolbox deep dives into everything agile-related. This podcast will slot perfectly into your daily routine if you’re looking for a quick listen.

The host has in-depth interviews with project management and scrum experts. These are then broken up into well-organized, insightful 10-minute chunks. This format enables you to listen to whole interviews or just the sections that matter most to you.

There’s a back catalog of episodes to listen to that spans years, so you can listen to multiple episodes in a row without worrying that you’ll run low on content.

8. Rocketship

Both product managers and entrepreneurs alike will enjoy listening and re-listening to old episodes of Rocketship.fm. There are 630 episodes, each around 30 minutes long, so you can enjoy hours of daily or weekly listening.

The topics center mainly around tech—tech products, tech tools, and tool trends that have transformed the industry. But there are entertaining anecdotes and helpful advice for everyone.

Listeners particularly enjoy the quick, well-delivered insights and the speakers’ chemistry.

9. 100 Product Managers

100 Product Managers, or 100 PM, is a highly-rated podcast with 143 episodes all about the mechanics and frameworks of product management.

Episodes discuss strategy, objectives and key results (OKRs), and different product development and people management models. You’ll learn a lot about how to succeed in these aspects of your career.

Suzanne Abate, co-founder of The Development Factory, is the host. With 19 years of experience investing in businesses and advising business leaders, Suzanne quickly gets to the heart of any topic in her interviews.

10. This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups is a daily podcast that you’ll love adding to your morning commute. It has over 1,500 episodes with information for novice tech founders.

Learn about business insurance, education, how acquisitions work, and all the details you’ll need to dive into to run your own tech startup. New episodes focus on trends and developments that are in the news and shaping the evolution of product development.

11. Lenny’s Podcast

Lenny’s Podcast with Lenny Rachitsky is everything you could want in a long-running, well-researched podcast. Every episode comes with plenty of references, in-depth notes, and a transcript, so you can go back and take notes or search for some of the most valuable insights.

You’ll be able to listen to several podcasts every week, each focusing on important topics like failure, fundraising, and structuring your career.

Want the insights without the long listen? Lenny also creates in-depth, skimmable summaries for popular podcast episodes so you can still enjoy the content in a smaller format.

12. The Product Manager Podcast

The Product Manager Podcast is relatively new, but it has earned its spotlight in the lists of the best product management podcasts. It has 32 episodes that last for around 30 minutes. New episodes are released a couple of times a month.

Each episode is structured around a specific theme or question, such as ethical product strategy or the importance of clarity. You can listen to insights from the host, Hannah Clark, and her guests.

Many of the episodes focus on “how-to” topics, so listeners have the information and the framework for implementing new insights and tips. So, not only is the podcast fun to listen to, but you also have the tools available to make great use of everything you learn.

13. One Knight in Product

If you want to specialize in tech products, add One Knight in Product to your queue. Host Jason Knight invites marketers, researchers, executives, and product managers onto his weekly episodes so you can get fresh insights about building, designing, and developing tech products.

There are nearly 200 episodes, and each one is approximately 45 minutes long—the perfect length to fit into your Monday morning commute or your Wednesday workout.

Listeners have rated this podcast highly and enjoy the episodes for the conversational quality as much as the career insights.

14. Inside Intercom

Intercom is a popular AI customer service tool, and they have a long-running podcast called Inside Intercom. It covers AI, phone support, customer satisfaction, and everything you need to know to support product development and releases.

This podcast is a great resource for learning about the infrastructure you need to build around potentially successful products. Episodes vary widely in topic, length, and host, so there’s something for everyone.

15. The Productivity Show

Product managers have a wide range of responsibilities, from product work specifically to things like people management, soft skills, financials, and more. The Productivity Show, as the name implies, focuses specifically on productivity.

With every episode, you’ll learn more about how to efficiently structure your time, set and achieve goals, and concentrate better. Enjoy multiple episodes a week—some simple 10-minute episodes and others lasting nearly an hour—or start binging the back catalog to boost your productivity.

16. The LaunchNotes Podcast

Get 70 episodes of “in the trenches” content that covers management, marketing, and logistics in The LaunchNotes Podcast with Blake Thorne and Steve Klein.

While the podcast concluded in 2023, there are lots of fresh and relevant insights about scaling product operations, launching tech products, and keeping your products relevant.

17. Proof to Product

We finish off our list with Proof to Product with Katie Hunt, a 391-episode podcast for entrepreneurs that’s all about giving listeners advice on how to design products, market them, and grow a business.

The podcast addresses emerging market trends, challenges that modern product managers face, and tips for day-to-day improvement.

Rather than the interview-style podcasts that make up most of this list, listening to Proof to Product episodes is like having a business coach speaking directly to you about what tasks and strategies will add the most value to your business.

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