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Structure data across projects with workspace fields

Team, Business and Enterprise

This feature is only available on Team, Business and Enterprise plans. Check out our pricing page for more information about our plans available.

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Workspace fields enable you to create global / universal fields that span projects. With workspace fields, your Dovetail workspace can scale to hundreds of fields across notes and insights.

Workspace fields can be restricted using access control, so you can manage access in the same way you can with projects. Researchers can standardize sets of fields for other teams to use in their notes or insights.

Manage workspace fields

In addition to tags, fields can also be managed across your workspace. Fields enable you to store structured data on your notes and insights (Add structured data with fields). To create workspace fields:

  1. Click the ⚙️ settings in the top right of the screen.

  2. Click Workspace fields.

  3. Open the Fields you wish to manage, or create New fields.

  4. Then, click Notes fields or Insight fields.

  5. Click + New field.

  6. Enter a name for your field.

  7. Select a type for your field. The default type will be text.

  8. Click Create.

Remember that workspace fields are live

Changes you make to workspace fields will be reflected immediately in all linked projects.

Save values for select fields across projects

If using a single and multi select field within a workspace fields, you can save a list of pre-filled values within a workspace field to be used across projects. To create and save this list:

  1. Create a select field within a workspace field.

  2. Navigate to a project and link the workspace fields.

  3. In Data, select + New Data.

  4. Once opening the note, under your select or multi-select field, type and fill in the values.

These values will then be saved and pre-populate for future use in projects that have this field linked.

Control access to a workspace field

See Manage access to workspace fields, tags and templates.

Templates help you standardize user research across your organization by giving other people a starting set of data, tags, and project configuration to begin new projects from.

Workspace fields can be linked to project templates. This allows new projects created from your template to automatically include your fields.

See Create reusable project templates.

Delete a workspace field

Deleted workspace fields goes to workspace trash where it can be restored for 30 days. To delete workspace fields:

  1. Navigate to a workspace field and click on the (•••) button.

  2. Click Delete.

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