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What do consumer services jobs pay in 2023?

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22 April 2023

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Hugh Good

Consumer service jobs provide a good entry point into the workforce for many. Healthcare, tech, hospitality, and finance are just some industries that employ consumer service workers. 

What do consumer services jobs pay? Well, the answer depends on the industry and the expertise the job requires. According to Zippia, entry-level pay can range from $17,000 for restaurant hosts or hostesses to $61,000 for technical support engineers.  

What are customer service jobs?

Consumer service jobs vary by industry, but workers generally provide direct services to customers. Many of these jobs are a customer's first point of contact with a company. For example, a receptionist greets people as they enter a business or a hotel’s concierge. 

It also includes jobs that provide service over the telephone or the Internet.

Call center employees make outbound calls to ask customers about a product they purchased or receive calls with questions or complaints. 

Technical support workers might connect remotely to a customer's computer to troubleshoot. 

Customer service workers need good interpersonal and communication skills as they spend most of their time interacting with people.

Is customer service a tough job?

Providing service to consumers means dealing with demanding customers at times. They may be upset if a product is not working or feel service is inadequate. 

You may have limitations on how you can remedy a customer’s issue. For example, you may be unable to offer a refund on a defective product, only a replacement. 

Customer service jobs are typically not physically demanding, although you may be sitting or standing for long periods in some industries. 

What do consumer services jobs pay?

Basic customer service jobs typically pay above minimum wage.  

On average, consumer services jobs pay $40,800 a year. The high-end salary is $113,000 for an account manager working for a major corporation with several years of experience. 

Jobs that require more technical skills or industry-specific knowledge pay better than general roles, such as guest services agents or receptionists. 

Employees who seek a career can move up the ranks with experience and increase their income. 

Hotel jobs

A guest services clerk at a hotel might start at $23,000, see an average salary of $28,000, and have a top-end salary of $35,000 a year if they don't change jobs. 

If they get promoted to concierge, their average salary jumps to $35,000 with a potential maximum of $51,000. 

Additionally, if they pursue a degree in the hospitality field and advance to front desk manager, their average salary would climb to $52,860. 

Banking jobs

Starting as a teller, they would greet customers entering the bank and help with deposits, withdrawals, money orders, check cashing, etc. 

According to Indeed, a bank teller draws an average salary of $36,310 a year. 

With time and experience, the employee could advance to a member services representative, where they help customers with more complicated tasks, such as opening accounts or replacing a debit card. At that point, their average salary climbs to $50,083. 

A worker willing to pursue additional education in business or finance could climb the ladder and become a loan officer or even a vice president of customer success. 

Car dealership jobs

A person without a degree interested in cars can make a good living as a service adviser. 

Positions at car dealerships involve serving as a liaison between customers and service technicians. They are responsible for scheduling appointments, checking in vehicles, and interacting with customers about repairs. The average pay is $61,551. 

What customer service job pays the most?

The highest-paid workers in the customer service field supervise those who directly provide customer support. 

We also mentioned above that technical support engineers are the best-paid consumer support employees, so it makes sense that their supervisors would draw the highest salaries. The $120,000 average salary for technical support directors puts them at the top. 

What is the highest customer success salary?

A customer success manager will likely have a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field. Their average pay tops $114,000. 

Do customer service jobs include benefits?

Full-time consumer service representatives also are likely to qualify for benefits such as: 

  • Health and dental insurance

  • Medical savings plans

  • Retirement plans, such as a 401(k) or a profit-sharing plan

Part-time positions are unlikely to include benefits, but some companies offer partial benefits.

For instance, if you average 30 hours per week, your employer might offer health insurance, with the company paying three-fourths of the cost and you paying the remainder. 

Employees will also become eligible for other benefits, such as paid sick leave, maternity leave, and vacation. 

Most companies require employees to work for a set time before becoming eligible for benefits, such as three months, six months, or even a year.

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