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4 powerful ways to create customer connection

Last updated

16 April 2023

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Hugh Good

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The business world is becoming more competitive every day, so brand owners must find ways to stand out and retain customers

Creating strong customer connections can increase sales and improve the overall customer experience

However, building lasting relationships with your audience can be challenging. Competition is rife, and rival brands will try to draw the same customers' attention. 

This article shares actionable strategies for building authentic, effective, and meaningful customer connections.

What is customer connection?

Customer connection is the bond or relationship between a business and its customers. It builds through consistently positive interactions. 

A solid customer connection is the difference between a one-time transaction and an ongoing customer relationship over the years.

Why is connecting with your customers important?

Connection is worth prioritizing as it benefits your business and customers. 

Here's how a strong relationship with customers can help your business:

  • Connected customers are more likely to recommend your business to others

  • Increased customer retention and improved growth rate

Businesses keen on building customer connections must provide excellent customer service. They also need to respond to customer feedback and create a positive customer experience.

Four effective ways to connect with customers

Here's how your business can effectively connect with its customers:

Personalize your communication

One powerful way to nurture relationships with your customers is by personalizing how you communicate with them. 

Personalization is as simple as using the customer's name in your communications with them. Calling your customers by name makes them feel special, generating positive associations with your brand. 

You can also customize your messaging around their needs and interests. 

For instance, if you notice a customer's interest in a particular service or product,  you could feature those in your communications and marketing. 

Categorizing your customer base into different groups (i.e., segmenting your market) based on characteristics can create customized messaging for each group. Segments can include:

  • Purchasing history

  • Location

  • Demographics

Provide excellent customer service

Building an everlasting relationship with customers requires businesses to offer top-notch customer service. 

Businesses can use several methods to improve the quality of their customer service. An easy win here is to respond to customer inquiries and complaints as soon as possible. 

Quick responses show customers that you value their time and care about addressing their concerns. Ensuring speedy solutions enhances their entire experience and reduces frustration.

Your team and agents frequently interact with customers, contributing greatly to the customer experience. In this role, they must be approachable and eager to help. Businesses can train teams to ensure they respond to questions and issues from customers properly.

However, these efforts are futile if customers can’t contact your business easily.   

Investing in multiple channels where customers can easily reach out to your team is essential. Consider offering various options, such as social media, website live chat, phone, and email.

Post-purchase follow-up

All businesses aim to sell more, but closing a sale is only part of the process. Following up post-purchase can strengthen customer-client connectivity.  

An example of the post-purchase relationship could be reaching out to your customers a few days after their purchase. Here, you can see if they're enjoying their purchase or if there are problems you need to resolve promptly.

In addition, you can keep in touch after the sale to notify them about new services or products. 

Informing customers about upcoming things that interest them will encourage repeat purchases, strengthening the customer-brand relationship.

Reward your loyal customers

Building a customer loyalty program gives your clients a reason to continue buying from you. 

Examples of rewards include:

  • Cashback

  • Discounts

  • Free products

  • Loyalty points

  • Exclusive access to special promotions or events

When building a loyalty program, consider clarity, simplicity, and ease of use.

Customers want a program they can easily participate in without thinking too much or radically changing their routines. 

Businesses also need to regularly inform their customers about their loyalty program status (tiers, number of points, etc.) and rewards. This keeps them motivated to continue participating.

Ask for feedback

If you want to connect more with your customers, request their feedback about your product or services. 

This will ensure you satisfy your customers' needs and identify areas for improvement. 

You can get feedback through automated tools or in informal conversations. Emphasize that you want honest feedback and receive it openly and gracefully, even if it's tough to hear. 

Most critically, act upon the feedback to show your customers that you value their feedback.

Best practices to build customer connection

Here are ten best practices for building effective customer connections:

Keep it personal

Avoid being overly aggressive or assertive when selling. Be more conversational to strengthen your bond with customers.

This will also demonstrate an interest in building a wider relationship, not just making a sale.

Deliver more than the basics

Building strong, unshakable fans for your business requires you to do more than just the basics. 

For example, you could offer special discounts to loyal customers. 

You could also go above and beyond in customer support to quickly remedy any unpleasant experiences.

Follow up

Mistakes happen. Responding to unhappy customers promptly could win them back. 

In customer service, nothing's worse than making a complaint and receiving radio silence. 

Businesses that want to create strong customer connections should identify unhappy customers and act on their complaints as soon as possible.

Emphasize face-to-face interactions

Telephone calls and emails are convenient ways to interact with customers. However, face-to-face contact establishes a more personal customer connection. 

Talking to customers one-on-one will help businesses understand them better.

Avoid using a one-size-fits-all customer approach strategy

Treat each customer as an individual to make them feel special. 

Businesses can also group customers into categories and customize their messaging to ensure authenticity. 

For instance, treat experienced users differently from new users through messaging, communication, and follow-up.

Respond to concerns

If a customer raises an issue, receive it openly and act quickly to offer a solution. Customers will trust and respect you when you prove your commitment to making them happy.

Show gratitude

You can acknowledge your customers by thanking them verbally, offering a coupon for their next purchase, and even sending them a postcard. 

Going above and beyond can make your customers feel you recognize their importance.

Talk to your customers

Staying up-to-date about your customers' wants and needs is critical. 

You could send out surveys to identify: 

  • The products they like most

  • Changes they want to see in existing products

  • What you could add to your product line

Customers want to feel they have an input in your offerings, which will build loyalty.

Be active on social media

A survey reveals that about 80% of users expect a business to respond to them within the first 24 hours of connection. 

In addition, a further 40% expect a response within the first hour. 

Social media is the perfect tool to deliver this engagement. Ideally, a business should be aware of the social media platforms its audience prefers. 

That way, the brand can engage with its customers on the relevant platform rather than wasting time on irrelevant accounts.

Always have your current customers in mind

When a business begins to thrive, paying less attention to customer service and simply focusing on business operations is a little too easy. 

Any growth should translate into an improvement in customer service and customer focus.

Create effective customer connections

Businesses should be able to create solid client relationships by implementing our strategies. Watch as your customers become real brand advocates!

Effective customer connection can pave the way for better interactions, increased sales, and improved customer experience. It can even put your business ahead of the competition.

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What are the three components of customer connection?

The three components impacting customer connection are discovery, engagement, and delivery. 

Failure to cater to any of them can deliver sub-optimal customer experiences and harm the bond between a business and its customers.

How can a business reward loyal customers?

Creating a loyalty program can be part of building a solid relationship with customers.

Giving rewards can drive loyalty and build customer relationships.

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