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Three ways to standardize your team’s approach to surfacing insights

9 April 2023
Ally Kendall
Tia Alisha

When you’re onto a good thing, why change it? Standardizing your approach to creating customer insights doesn’t have to be dull or repetitive. Giving your team shared frameworks means that you can create a common language. Your team will save time because they don’t have to figure it out from scratch every time. Plus, you can drive focus by easily connecting your team’s work to organizational goals and themes.

So, what’s stopping you? Read on to learn three ways you can start standardizing today.

1. Connect cross-project themes with workspace tags

Tag across projects with workspace tags.
Tag across projects with workspace tags.

Finding connections across projects can be hard. Workspace tags make it easy. They enable you to create global tags that span across many projects and standardize tags across your team. This is great for things like shared feature requests, jobs to be done, competitors, and more.

Admins and users can convert tag boards within a project—just click the ••• next to the tag board in your project sidebar, then Convert to workspace tag board. Explore tag boards in the Dovetail community for inspiration.

2. Slice data consistently with workspace fields

Set up workspace fields to easily search and filter content.
Set up workspace fields to easily search and filter content.

See your data from different angles. Fields allow you to add structured data to notes and insights so you can easily filter and search down the track. Workspace fields allow you to standardize fields across your workspace to make finding, organizing, and reusing data easy. Use workspace fields for things like persona, role, and date. Insights fields are great for surfacing insights by team or insight type.

Admins can create, organize, and manage your workspace fields in workspace settings.

3. Skip the setup with project templates

Standardize your team's approach with project templates.
Standardize your team's approach with project templates.

Get your team on the same page. Project templates help you standardize and communicate your team’s approach by creating a starting set of data, tags, and fields that your team can get started with. It’s a great way to speed up the process of setting up new projects and create alignment, especially if you’re repeating projects like usability testing sessions.

Admins can create and update templates in workspace settings. See how other teams set up and manage their projects in the Dovetail community.

Pro tip: try them all together

Power up the discovery of insights across your organization by combining all three tools.
Power up the discovery of insights across your organization by combining all three tools.

Use all of these tools together to standardize your workspace. Create a project template that includes a workspace tag board to ensure that teams are reusing standardized tags. Link workspace fields to the project template to ensure that teams are standardizing the note and insight fields, which can aid in searching for and discovering data.

Once you’re working this way, it’s easy to surface tailored content using feeds. For example, if you use a workspace and everyone standardizes their insights, you can set up feeds based on the workspace fields that will notify each team when a new insight relevant to their team is created.

These features are only available on Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. Check out our plans for more information or upgrade today.

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