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Privacy without pain: custom data retention is here

Set up and adjust your retention period
13 November 2022
Ally Kendall

Customer-centricity doesn’t stop at roadmaps and product strategy. Putting the customer at the center of how you work requires dedication to security and privacy. For people who do research, this means respecting the trust participants put in you the moment you hit record.

“Protecting our customers’ PII is non-negotiable. It’s incredibly important to have good and consistent processes to accomplish that,” says Samaher Ramzan, UX Research at 1Password. “It isn't just about meeting compliance and company policies, which is critical; it's also about respecting our participants and customers who trust us with their data and share their experiences with us. We never do anything that would break that trust.”

At Dovetail, we believe building the next great thing begins with earning your customers’ trust. We’re proud to introduce a new feature for Enterprise customers: custom data retention. As part of the Enterprise plan, you can now protect your customers’ data without manual work by automating the deletion of original videos without losing the parts you’ve highlighted.

Privacy at every level

GDPR and CCPA have brought PII into focus for governments, companies, teams, and individuals. Security can quickly become overwhelming as policies inevitably change and your research output grows. That’s why we’ve made the duration of data retention customizable—your retention period can evolve with your operating environment.

Less busy work, more customer conversations

Gone are the days of spending hours manually deleting old video files, hoping one didn’t slip through the cracks. Dovetail’s custom data retention allows you to set up default retention periods so that some or all of your videos are automatically deleted in your chosen timeframe. Then, easily adjust it based on the needs of your project. You’ll be able to spend less time on data management and feel confident that your customers’ sensitive information is protected.

What’s included in the custom data retention feature?

Our new custom data retention feature makes it as easy as possible for teams to comply with their data policies.

  • Set a default retention period across your workspace.

  • Customize retention periods on a project-by-project basis.

  • Retain valuable data like highlights, reels, and transcripts.

  • Extend retention thanks to pre-deletion notifications.

Find a step-by-step guide on how to set up and customize data retention for your workspace in our help center. Custom data retention is live if you’re already on our Enterprise plan. Contact our Enterprise team and visit our pricing page for more information on upgrading.

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