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The secret’s out: We’re officially in the top ten of Australia’s Best Workplaces™️!

19 August 2022
Carlyn ShawSean BruceBeth Ferguson

We’re super excited to share that Dovetail has been recognized by Great Place to Work! It’s amazing to be placed in the top ten Small Category Best Workplaces™️ List Australia 2022!

Australia’s Great Place to Work award recognizes organizations that excel by having a genuine commitment to their workplace culture, company purpose, values, and more. Some deciding elements include wellness and flexibility, with special attention to employee mental, emotional, and physiological health. This list stretches across every industry across Australia, categorizing workplaces into three groups: Small, medium, and large.

The best-of-the best [list] also set the standard of sincere dedication to diversity and inclusion which has seen an emphasis on building belonging in the workplace.

Great Place to Work

Needless to say, this unique recognition has us blushing with pride.

Our journey began last year when we were officially certified by Great Place to Work, and it’s an absolute honor to have them recognize us this year as the seventh best place to work in Australia for small businesses, across all industries. While we’re incredibly proud to have a place on this list, we have no plans on slowing down! We work hard to maintain an amazing work culture and as a fast-growing start-up, this is something we’re committed to prioritizing as we continue to grow, at a rapid rate.

So you might be asking yourself, what makes Dovetail so great, anyway? There are so many things we believe set us apart from the pack, but take a look at some highlights below.

We’re values driven

It might be clichéd to say, but we really do live our values every day, in everything we do. We’re on a collective mission to improve the quality of every thing—these are the values that are getting us there.

We make our values tangible every Friday, where we get together to recognize the everyday achievements of our co-workers. By throwing the floor open to everyone in the organization, we provide the opportunity for our team to give shout-outs to individuals who exemplify one or more of our values. We also use this time together to casually demo what we’ve been working on throughout the week talking through our processes. We’ve found this ritual to be a great way to recognize the amazing things our teams are doing while keeping our values top of mind throughout every accomplishment, big or small.

Our weird and wonderful culture

On top of our values, there are a few other things we think set us apart as an amazing place to work. First, Dovetail practices an office-first culture that encourages employees to come into the office and collaborate in person. Our founders, Benjamin Humphrey and Bradley Ayers, strongly believe shared office space facilitates stronger relationships through spontaneous interactions, which builds camaraderie among team members. That being said, we’re not an office-only company— flexibility is encouraged so everyone has the freedom to work the way that suits them best.

Dovetail also hosts monthly social events and annual retreats, giving employees the opportunity to build trusting relationships (and have a little fun) organically. KitKat days are another unique perk that we believe sets us apart. These company-wide “days” are ad-hoc paid days off throughout the year for everyone to take a break and recharge.

Aside from these perks, Dovetail is also a proud participant in Project F’s Program 50/50 diversity and inclusion initiative. This helps us identify and surface underlying systemic and environmental issues that are known to derail women in careers in technology. We also provide equal parental leave to support new parents at 20 weeks, practice an unbiased interview process, and take pride in our inclusive leadership across our offices in Sydney and San Francisco. We also have different well-being initiatives like access to Uprise (an EAP) along with volunteer days given throughout the year, where our teams have the chance to give back to our communities.

Dovetail also hosts a quarterly “Make It” hackathon, which is one of our ways to spark innovation. This 36-hour hackathon gives everyone in the company a chance to step away from their day-to-day jobs to work on anything they like and team up with people from different functions to build something new. “Make It” ends with a presentation where teams pitch what they’ve built at the end of this fun and friendly competition. The top teams receive exciting prizes (and bragging rights). Some of Dovetail’s past projects include new features, new technology, addressing customer feedback, and much more.

We have big plans

While we’re super proud of what we’ve achieved so far, this is only the beginning! We have big plans and move pretty quickly, having gone global by opening our San Francisco office and launching three new Dovetail products earlier this year.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we know that it’s the people that make it all happen. We know that it’s our product-led organization, values, culture, and unique processes that help to set us apart. The company currently sits at 80-plus employees, and Benjamin and Bradley still aim to meet with each new Dovetail hire during the interview process.

Hop on board

Speaking of growth, Dovetail is hiring! If you’re looking to join one of the Greatest workplaces, take a peek at our open roles in Sydney and San Francisco.

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