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New features to speed up analysis when customer feedback feels like a firehose

17 October 2022
Michelle MacRae

Customer feedback can be a blessing and a burden. Introducing Dovetail for high volumes of feedback.

The blessing is that you don’t have to read your customers’ minds; they’re telling you exactly what they want! This means when you action feedback customers are delighted, NPS scores improve, and churn decreases. The burden is that when feedback is plentiful, it can feel like more work than it’s worth to separate the signal from the noise.

Speaking of feedback, a major theme we are hearing from Dovetail customers is you need a solution to make tagging high volumes of feedback more efficient. Ask and you shall receive!

Step 1: Import all-at-once or automatically

If all of your feedback is stuck in one unruly spreadsheet, you’ll love what we just built. As of this week, import up to 5,000 rows of feedback in a few clicks and instantly turn all of your feedback into notes to analyze.

For teams who manage feedback across multiple channels, our integration with Zapier will be your best friend.

For when you want to analyze every piece of feedback at once, you can automatically Zap each response (NPS, CSAT, surveys, etc) from your collection tool directly into a note in Dovetail. Learn how.

For community feedback sources like Twitter and Slack, you can set up Zapier so that you are in control of what feedback items you want to Zap to Dovetail for analysis. Learn how.

Step 2: Analyze consistently

Before you start tagging, make sure you know what you’re looking for by creating workspace tags. Using tags across different projects in your workspace means that any researcher in any project is empowered to productively contribute to your ongoing customer feedback analysis.

Step 3: Tag in bulk

Introducing, the ability to search for keywords, feature names, customer names, or NPS responses in your project and use multi-select to quickly highlight notes and add tags.

This new enhancement to our tagging feature will enable you to quickly quantify which feedback themes are coming up the most frequently, without having to read every piece of feedback.

Step 4: Edit more fields at once

While we're on the topic of bulk tagging, did you know you can edit fields in bulk too?

Fields enable you to organize content across notes, insights, and people so you can pick up patterns across your research. As your research evolves, so too can the fields you need which is why we've made them more flexible. Now you can quickly update one, many, or all fields at once using our bulk actions menu.

Step 5: Synthesize collaboratively

Tagging done and fields updated! Now it’s time to action your organized chaos.

Pro tip: Bring the people responsible for actioning feedback into the synthesis process.

With all of your feedback organized into tags, it’s time to share the feedback with your team and translate customer wishes and complaints into a prioritized task list. In the old days, you might turn your notes into stickies, book a meeting, and gather around a whiteboard to pick out the themes and low-hanging fruit. With Dovetail, you can now skip those cumbersome scheduling steps and take customer empathy viral with hard hitting, evidence-based data.

Introducing new find and follow features in canvas view

Identifying and prioritizing evidence-backed opportunities with your team is now easier than ever. Within Dovetail’s whiteboard view, canvas, you can now follow a user’s cursor when you’re collaborating live. Plus when there are lots of highlights, notes, or insights and you want to find something specific, you can now search content within the stickies.

We hope these improvements help you quickly analyze your data, so you can spend more of your precious time delighting your customers and less time separating the signal from the noise.

We love feedback too! Let us know how you’re using these features by Tweeting us or joining the discussion in our Slack Community.

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