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Custom data retention

Last updated27 October 2023
Read time2 min

Dovetail offers customizable data retention features that allow you to automate the deletion of video and audio files across your workspace after a defined period of time.

By default, Dovetail will retain your data until you choose to delete it, cancel your account, or enable automatic data deletion

Enterprise only

This feature is only available on our enterprise plan. Enterprise workspaces come with additional features and support to meet your organization’s needs. Check out our pricing page for more information on enterprise.

Pricing page

Table of contents

Automatic data deletion

Set the default time before video and audio files within your projects are automatically deleted by setting data retention periods. Once the retention period has passed, video and audio files will be deleted from the project, without affecting any highlights, reels, and transcripts created from them, so that you can keep building on your customer knowledge in Dovetail.

How to enable and configure custom data retention

Custom data retention can be configured at both the workspace level, and the project level. When configured at the workspace level, all audio and video files in your workspace will be affected. When set at the project level, only audio and video files within that project will be affected.

If both are configured, the project level configuration will take precedence over the workspace configuration, giving you more flexibility to set less or more restrictive rules per project.

Workspace admins also have the ability to disable project level configuration entirely, meaning that all projects follow the same retention period set at the workspace level.

To enable custom data retention, workspace admins can navigate to ⚙️ Settings > Data retention, and select a desired retention period from the dropdown.

From this page, they'll also be able to enable project level configuration.

While workspace level configuration can be done by any workspace admin, project level configuration can only be done by users with Full access to the specific project itself.


Who will be notified of upcoming deletion events and when?

Users will be notified of upcoming deletion events 7 days prior to the event occurring. Below is a list of who will be notified and in the following order:

  1. The user who originally uploaded the file.

  2. The user who created the note containing the file.

  3. Managers with full access to the project containing the file.

  4. All workspace admins.

My video just got deleted! How do I get it back?

Videos can only be retrieved within 30 days from deletion, if the deletion took place during this time, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

What happens if I reduce retention periods?

Any videos that fall outside of the new retention period will be deleted within 24 hours.

What happens if I make a highlight shorter after a video has been deleted?

The original video will remain. We won’t automatically delete the parts of the video that you unhighlighted.

Can I still watch and export highlight reels after the original is deleted?

Yes. Even though the original file is deleted any highlights you’ve made will remain, this includes watching and exporting highlight reels.

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