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Mathspace unifies five tools into one, driving efficiency with Dovetail

Sydney, Australia
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Learn how Mathspace uses Dovetail to build confidence in their roadmap, make insights stick, and consolidate data in one tool, not five

Mathspace’s mission is to be the right help at the right time for every student. The team conducts research on a diverse range of students from many backgrounds to remove bias and try to meet the needs of every student out there. Mathspace is focused on building simple, useable, and extremely engaging products for both teachers and students.

Building a roadmap with evidence-based findings

Research has always been crucial at Mathspace, but as a small company, they lacked the capacity to scale user interviews and feedback analysis. The growing company invested in Dovetail to streamline and standardize processes and get through large amounts of research to increase confidence in what they were building.

With Dovetail’s analysis and synthesis tools, Mathspace can distill its vast amount of research data into key insights, turning qualitative customer input into measurable output. Quantifying tags and highlights allow the team to identify important themes, align on core problems, and prioritize areas with the highest impact. It’s now much easier to build consensus and buy-in from stakeholders around a research-informed roadmap that points directly to findings and customer quotes.

Filter highlights by count in your tag board.

Making research insights stick

Mathspace used to share out long paper reports or disparate Trello boards that summarized the more granular elements of research but left out the more compelling and emotionally motivating parts to support the recommendations.

Since switching to Dovetail, stakeholders can view insights that directly link to individual video snippets or a collection of related notes, allowing them to go as high-level or as deep as they need. This approach has made the research more visible, tangible, and digestible. More importantly, the insights stick with stakeholders and have a much more profound effect. The sharing capability is so seamless and impactful that even teams outside of research are demonstrating interest and buying in to the process.

Share insights that link to direct quotes with your team.

Data to insight in one tool, not five

Mathspace had a lot of input coming in from multiple different sources—interviews, surveys, support tickets, in-app feedback, and NPS—but they didn’t have a good tool to manage data from so many sources. Doing big batches of research meant lots of time spent chewing through it all.

With Dovetail’s video integration and transcription, Mathspace can radically streamline their research process and get to the work they didn’t previously have bandwidth for. Now, thousands of student feedback pieces can be read and grouped with affinity maps and 100 percent of user interviews are reviewed and tagged in Dovetail. Their team transformed Dropbox folders with endless interview files into Dovetail note boards, and with all their data organized in one tool, the team can get to valuable insights much faster.

Upload, transcribe and tag all in one tool.

Decide what to build next

Decide what to build next

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