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Insights from anywhere: flex your projects with views, layouts, and a customizable sidebar

13 February 2023
Ally Kendall

There have never been more ways to hear from your customers. From interviews, support tickets, and sales calls to NPS, CSAT, usability testing, app reviews, and churn reasons—it feels like we have data coming in from everywhere.

While getting your hands on customer data has never been easier, getting the most out of it is hard. With each type of data, there is a different source which means anyone wanting an accurate look at their customer needs has to navigate a chaotic and fragmented data landscape. What’s more, as long as raw data sits in its original collection tool, it remains mostly unanalyzed.

We’re working hard to bring you the perfect solution that transforms fragmented customer data into a single source of insights your whole organization can use. We’re giving you more control over how you organize projects. With customizable views, layouts, and a flexible sidebar, you can now structure projects to accommodate any type of data and research method.

To get you started, here are three examples of things you can bring into Dovetail today. If three isn’t enough, stay tuned to the end—we have a surprise coming your way.

Store past research

Don’t lose your old reports. Bring past research into Dovetail for your team to discover again and again. Import PDFs, Keynotes, PowerPoint, and images. Customize your project by hiding tags, highlights, and charts to focus stakeholder attention. Then rediscover and reference your old reports to reinforce your latest insights.

Simplify your sidebar to focus attention on past reports.
Simplify your sidebar to focus attention on past reports.

Explore your NPS

NPS shows us the what. Customer conversations tell us the why. Combining them in one place allows us to see the whole picture. Bring your NPS feedback into Dovetail to get a better view of your customer sentiment. Automate your NPS responses into Dovetail via Zapier, apply tags in bulk, and the insights practically write themselves.

Easily apply tags in bulk using table layout.
Easily apply tags in bulk using table layout.

Unpack product feedback

From app reviews to support tickets and churn reasons, streamline your product feedback by bringing it into Dovetail. Affinity map using canvas to find patterns in things like feature requests, pains, and customer love. Then create engaging reports your whole team can use.

Visualize your different types of product feedback with board layout.
Visualize your different types of product feedback with board layout.

Want to learn about even more ways you can use Dovetail? Our community is launching (very) soon with 100+ templates so you can level up your practice. You’ll be able to explore inspiring and unique approaches to understanding customer problems and contribute to growing the craft together. Be a founding contributor and join #template-marketplace in our Slack user group to hear the latest.

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