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Make it dope: How our Creative Studio team does it

4 May 2022
Lucy Denton

At Dovetail, design is at the core of everything we do, from product design to illustrations and even our physical office spaces. We often look to the creative teams at software companies like Figma, Shopify, Intercom, Notion, and Dropbox for inspiration. Like them, we want to create engaging and memorable brand experiences that resonate with our audience. Read on to discover how we make this happen.

Notion, Intercom, Figma, and Mailchimp
Notion, Intercom, Figma, and Mailchimp

Our vision is for the Creative Studio to be the creative nucleus for all things at Dovetail, operating as an internal ‘agency,’ made up of designers, illustrators, producers, writers, animators, engineers, thinkers, and makers. The studio will collaborate with folks all over the company to execute creative projects big, small, and first-of-their-kind at Dovetail.

Their primary goal is to expand and evolve our house of brands to resonate with our growing audience while maintaining the character and weirdness that makes us unique. The studio has the creative freedom and autonomy to explore different styles, mediums, techniques, and ultimately create unique and unforgettable work. Work that doesn’t just look good but makes you feel something too.

Here are just some examples of projects this team might take on.

  • Reflecting our brands through micro-sites, in-product experiences, in-person experience, swag, and more.

  • Creating an immersive in-person branded experience for our first customer conference.

  • Making our next office an inspiring place to work. Think murals, flags, themed meeting rooms, and installations.

  • Designing a new and engaging experience for our multimedia playground. Including articles, podcasts, videos, photography, illustration, interactive elements, and more.

  • Designing a Dovetail van to drive around and recruit new hires.

Why do all of this in-house?

There are plenty of top-notch design shops in Sydney that we could hire to take on creative projects. Here’s why we’re building our team.

  • Branding is strategically essential to our success and not something we want to outsource. We need to build this muscle ourselves.

  • The Creative Studio works closely with internal stakeholders, leading to better ideas and a fast feedback loop.

  • We move fast. Our products are constantly evolving, and as a result, our brand needs to evolve continuously. We want a team that can build and maintain context over time.

  • Good design and visual communication are important to Dovetail. We have a high bar and an incredibly talented team. We believe we can achieve excellence on our own.

Meet our Creative Studio 🦄

Are you a creative looking for your next challenge? You're in luck because we're on the hunt for more world-class artists, creative engineers, and more! Check out our careers page and find open roles with more information.

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