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Dovetail in the details: 17 ways we’ve improved your experience

30 March 2023
Renee Liang
Tia Alisha

Our mission is to improve the quality of every thing. In an effort to help you improve your thing, we’re constantly improving Dovetail. We know that creating and centralizing insights can be challenging, so every little bit counts. Here are 17 recent enhancements we’ve made to lift your experience in Dovetail, and hopefully spark some joy in your work.

In the details this edition, we’re sharing upgrades to insights, changes to tags, search and permissions, and some visual transformations for a more satisfying UI experience.


1. We’ve made insights load twice as fast

2. Improved scrolling makes it easier to drag and drop insight blocks

3. Viewers can now see references without access to the underlying data

4. Press Enter to move your cursor from the title to the body

5. Click in any empty space to start inputting text for your insights

Jump straight into composing your insight by clicking anywhere on the page.

Search and filter

6. Sorting for searches is now organized alphabetically

7. Filter by project and all other fields will be also filtered by that project

Filtering by a project in search refines all other filters—tags, highlights, fields, etc.—by that specific project

Highlights, video, and transcripts

8. You can now pop out and drag the tag menu when highlighting

9. Video subtitles in reference cards now wrap within the card

10. When seeking through video, the transcript will snap to the timestamp

The transcript automatically jumps to where you are in the video.

Visual enhancements

11. We’ve made the rounding on everything in Dovetail consistent

12. Extra padding to the workspace settings menu for a cleaner look

13. Project sidebar headers are sticky for easier navigation

14. Easily find templates and tips when you create a blank project

Get started faster on blank projects with more guidance on how to create notes and highlights.


15. Restrict who has access to the people database to protect PII

16. Reset all your in-product onboarding on a user basis in settings

17. Group by now updates to reflect the customized field name

Changing a field name will reflect in the product when you ‘group by’ that field.

You might have missed our newest integrations with Atlassian, Notion, and Maze. We’ve got even more integrations coming soon, reels improvements, and the Dovetail Community launching—so stay tuned.

Let us know what you’d like to see next by tweeting us or joining the discussion in our Slack Community.

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