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DoubleCheck Research outshines the competition and wins clients using Dovetail

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Concord, USA
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The team at this win/loss analysis provider use Dovetail to help their clients better understand why they win some deals and lose others

DoubleCheck helps B2B technology and manufacturing companies better understand why they win some deals yet lose others through detailed buyer and customer interviews. Whether it’s product, competitive, brand, or even sales experience feedback, DoubleCheck aims to truly capture the buyer’s experience and ultimate decision drivers and package their findings in such a way to enable their clients to drive positive change within their organization.

DoubleCheck’s founder Ryan Sorley takes us through how Dovetail helps influence his clients’ short and long-term go-to-market strategies. Ryan likens their work to a romantic breakup. “The breaker-upper tries hard not to hurt the others feelings and lets them down easy, ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ but in reality, it is them. Then the breaker-upper shares how they really feel about the other person with their therapist,” says Ryan, explaining why his clients use DoubleCheck to run interviews. “That’s where we fit into the business world. We’re the therapist. We’re the neutral yet experienced third party. As an independent research firm, we strive to create an uber-safe environment for each person we’re interviewing. In that environment, they tend to open up a whole lot more with us than with our client directly.”

DoubleCheck provides an overview of the Dovetail process to their clients.
DoubleCheck provides an overview of the Dovetail process to their clients.

Uncovering Dovetail

Given DoubleCheck’s business model relies on conducting and analyzing such a high quantity of customer interviews, Dovetail was a logical solution. “As a services business that conducts qualitative research day-in and day-out, we were looking for a way to easily take unstructured data and structure it so that we could identify and track research themes across a set of interviews,” Ryan reflects. “We were leveraging Qualtrics’ automated text tagging capabilities and ended up spending way too much time fixing a bunch of irrelevant system-generated tags when we stumbled upon Dovetail and had this moment. It was like the universe answered our prayers. It felt so much like Dovetail was built just for us. It checked all of our boxes.”

“Dovetail has enabled us to increase the value of our client engagements exponentially. It’s also become a powerful differentiator and has led to many new clients signing up with us over alternatives.”

“As we’re going through the onboarding or sales process with new clients, we highlight Dovetail as a research workspace that they’ll get access to, adding a greater level of value to each engagement,” says Ryan. “The fact that Dovetail is easy to use, has a beautiful interface, and is approachable is a huge differentiator. Unlike many traditional analytics tools, you don’t need a degree in data science to use the platform and quickly understand what you’re looking at!”

Customer intelligence, centralized

Ryan tells us that DoubleCheck’s clients have traditionally struggled to centralize buyer and customer intelligence in a way that’s consistent, easy to access, and easy to analyze. “Research is most valuable when you’re able to identify clear insights and opportunities and package the findings in a format that is easily shared, understood, and consumed by many,” says Ryan. “Not overly complex, not hard to follow, and not something that requires a detailed explanation.” Dovetail has enabled the team at DoubleCheck to create “bite-sized chunks” of insight and provide them to their clients. “People in sales leadership, product management, competitive intelligence, marketing, customer success, and the C-suite depend on those little nuggets of information to gauge their effectiveness, inform their strategy, and make strategic decisions and investments,” asserts Ryan.

A research hub for each client

DoubleCheck starts by interviewing a buyer from a company that either did or didn’t select their client. Then their editorial team reviews the transcript, summarizes the interview, and writes a set of key findings. Ryan indicates that DoubleCheck “ultimately creates a series of deal reports within the insights page.

An example of a tagboard that DoubleCheck has built for a client.
An example of a tagboard that DoubleCheck has built for a client.

From there, the DoubleCheck team tags each report within the data page.” Ryan explains that “DoubleCheck clients can read each detailed deal report, end-to-end, to learn about what happened in a particular deal. They can also hop to the data page to review the tag groups to identify what’s trending across the set of interviews, or they can jump straight to the charts page for that all-important data visualization which they often need for internal planning meetings.” Ryan goes on to explain, “We include learning objectives in each report and have corresponding tag groups for those areas. We create research alerts, short summaries of a competitor, or key topics such as price or sales experience feedback. We might create an insight card with both positive mentions and negative quotes or sound bites. We also regularly drop in charts that we created in Dovetail and often provide our written analysis and recommendations at the top of the alert. Clients love them!”

An example of a research insight that DoubleCheck creates for their clients.
An example of a research insight that DoubleCheck creates for their clients.

Ryan outlines the process of presenting the executive summary and findings from a set of interviews. “We’re typically in the room with the C-suite. That’s when they’re able to hear how they’re doing, how the sales team is performing, what buyers are saying about competitors, and where their greatest opportunities for improvement exist. It’s the moment where we take all of the little bite-sized chunks of information we’ve collected through our research and weave them together to tell a story that should result in our client taking measurable actions to improve outcomes across their business. What’s great about Dovetail is that the platform makes our job exponentially easier. As most of our programs are ongoing, we’re able to weave those stories together from one quarter or year to the next!”

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Decide what to build next

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