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ContributorsJen Lee

Jen Lee

Product Manager


Jen has accumulated over five years of experience in product management, successfully incorporating user research into the structures and systems of various companies. She possesses a genuine enthusiasm for maximizing product value, driving product-led growth, and establishing feedback loops to enhance engagement and facilitate the release of inspiring platforms. Throughout her career, Jen has effectively managed product lifecycles from the initial 0-1 stage to subsequent growth phases. She is well-versed in methodologies such as agile and scrum, consistently demonstrating her ability to lead and accomplish end-to-end product development projects.


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Information Technology Capella University

  • Masters, Computer Science University of British Columbia

  • Masters, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, University of Barcelona


  • University of British Columbia: Product Management, Business Fundamentals, HCD, AI & Cloud Computing, Online Teaching Development & Delivery

  • MIT: Qualitative Coding & Research Methods

  • University of Virginia: Agile Development

  • Scrum Master Institute™ - Scrum Master cert

Professional achievements

  • Developed a relaunch campaign for a fintech security company protecting $1 billion in transactions per month

Skills and expertise
Product development

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