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10 Slack community groups for product managers

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18 April 2024


Claire Bonneau

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Mary Mikhail

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Are you looking to improve your product management skills? Consider joining a product-focused Slack community.

Slack communities are a popular networking option for product managers looking to expand their knowledge, meet new people in their industry, and get specific advice and answers.

Joining a product management Slack community is a simple yet effective way to connect with leaders in your field. You can use it to gain access to helpful insights that will shape how you progress throughout your career.

Level up your product management skills and find your product people. Read our list of must-join Slack communities geared toward product management and development.

What are Slack communities?

Founded in 2009, Slack is a well-loved messaging app with an estimated 38.8 million daily users. It’s a popular communication tool for tech startups and agencies.

Slack has also successfully pivoted to hosting niche communities, which offer a great way to share information and build a network. There’s a Slack community for just about anything.

So, whether you want to learn more about personal finances, marketing, product development, human resources, or even entrepreneurship, Slack communities offer plenty of value. Plus, they’re usually free to join.

The benefits of joining a product manager Slack community

Slack communities provide a wealth of knowledge and connection opportunities. They are a modern way to build relationships and meet people working in your industry and niche.

By joining a Slack community group for product managers, you gain instant access to people who will help you in the following ways:

Build a stronger network

Your network is one of your greatest assets for success. It’s a valuable resource for asking nuanced questions, getting specific advice, and venting about common issues.

Focusing on growing and nurturing your professional network through Slack communities can help make being a product manager less stressful and overwhelming.

Gain insider industry knowledge

In many cases, industry-specific Slack communities offer exclusive access to educational resources that will significantly impact your skill development.

As a hub of experts at varying stages of their product manager careers, Slack communities are an incredibly valuable resource packed with insider knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else.

Improve how you approach your business

Regular exposure to new ideas, workarounds, and the latest trends changes your approach, even if you’re not intentionally seeking help.

By surrounding yourself with expert voices from your field, you will begin to approach your role and business in a different, more nuanced way.

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10 product management Slack channels worth joining

Joining a Slack community (or two) is an effective strategy for leveling up your product manager skills and connecting with people in your domain.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the best product management Slack groups we think are worth joining:

We’ve explored each community to help you decide which option is best suited for your needs. Here’s a more nuanced breakdown of their offerings and perks:

Mind the Product

Mind the Product (presented by Pendo) is one of the best-known communities for product managers. It’s a multi-faceted hub for anyone looking to learn more about product management or development from different perspectives.

The community is an accessible resource for product managers wanting to ask questions and get second opinions on their plans. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to community-based learning resources.

Mind the Product are known for their well-loved product-based free Slack community. You’ll also find community events, in-person and virtual conferences, and training workshops designed to tackle specific topics within product management.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Mind the Product, a company that proudly markets itself as offering the world’s most engaged product-based community

  • Number of community members: 60,000+ product-focused professionals

  • How to join this community: request a free invite from the Mind the Product website

Product Manager HQ

Product HQ, a resource that helps train great product professionals, has a helpful Slack community focused on product management and development. 

Joining this community gives you instant access to experts from well-known companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, Google, Facebook, and more. It offers exclusive perks like job boards, in-person meet-ups, and discounts on other Product HQ resources.

Getting involved with Product HQ and its community is a great way to advance your career as a product manager, as it offers comprehensive training opportunities and certifications.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Product HQ, a product-focused training company

  • Number of community members: over 7,000 active members

  • How to join this community: become a member (one-time $25 fee to join)

Product Coalition

Calling all Medium fans! Following the Product Coalition and joining their Slack community is an absolute must if you like reading articles and think pieces on the Medium platform.

Passionate product manager Jay Stansell created the Product Coalition Slack community. It focuses on accessibility and sharing and contains the latest product information and opinions.

Join if you’re looking for an inviting, warm, and helpful resource for newer product managers looking to make a splash. 

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Product Coalition, a product publication focused on making product management more accessible

  • Number of community members: over 7,000 community members

  • How to join this community: fill out the form to get an invite

Product Collective

Looking to step up your product manager game with support from the global product community? The Product Collective member hub is a great place to start.

The Member Hub is a free community accessed through the Product Collective newsletter. It gives you instant access to industry-specific tools, resources, and a network of global product leaders.

Within the community, you’ll be able to access regular video chats and webinars covering a wide range of topics, from building successful platforms to improving your product’s positioning.

The Product Collective Slack community contains a wealth of knowledge to help you hit your career goals and improve your business. It includes extra perks like live Q&A sessions with industry experts, over 120 hours of on-demand video content, and more.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Product Collective, a company created to help product managers improve their skills

  • Number of community members: over 50,000 community hub members

  • How to join this community: sign up for their email newsletter to be invited

Product School

Product School is a product management training company founded in 2014 that focuses on building community and networking.

It’s well worth joining this free, high-impact community if you want to meet people making waves in the product world. You’ll find exclusive content like a job board, industry expert “ask me anythings” (AMAs), and access to product managers who work with household name brands.

Outside of the community, Product School also offers industry-specific training and certifications, which can be a great additional add-on for those who want more in-depth support.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Product School, a global leader in product management training.

  • Number of community members: over 100,000 product managers

  • How to join this community: ask to join their free community

Women in Product

Product development and management is a male-dominated field, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of women and non-binary people crushing it in the industry, too.

Created to be an inclusive community hub for women in product, the Women in Product Slack community is a hotbed for expert insights into product management design and UX research.

This female-led group is an empowering option for people looking to connect with other women in the field. The events, job boards, and mentorship opportunities offer a great way to connect with other inspiring and knowledgeable women.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Women in Product, an inclusive female-focused community for women in product

  • Number of community members: over 2,000 female members

  • How to join this community: complete the form to be considered

ProductLed Growth

The ProductLed Growth Slack community is perfect for you if you want to learn more about the sales-focused component of product development.

Created by Wes Bush, author of the well-loved book Product-Led, this community helps beginners and veterans explore the latest product-focused tech, get advice, and share industry best practices.

ProductLed also offers coaching opportunities for community members who want a more high-touch learning experience.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: ProductLed, a company founded by author Wes Bush

  • Number of community members: over 15,000 product-led enthusiasts

  • How to join this community: join the free community via the website

Product Marketing Alliance

Product marketing is a complex and ever-changing aspect of creating a successful launch. Joining the Product Marketing Alliance Slack channel is a great choice if you want to improve your marketing skills as a product manager.

The Product Marketing Alliance Slack community gives you instant access to over 70 channels of topics, resources, and free templates.

Joining the free or paid upper-tiered versions of the Product Marketing Alliance is a must-do for anyone looking to level up their marketing and branding skills. You’ll be able to access additional perks like exclusive articles, recorded presentations, and bonus content.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Product Marketing Alliance, a company created to enhance product marketing skills worldwide

  • Number of community members: over 24,000 product marketers

  • How to join this community: become an insider member for free

Product Folks

Marketed as “the world’s most passionate product community,” the Product Folks Slack community is run by volunteers and product enthusiasts who want to make a difference in product development.

The community is a bustling hub for dedicated product enthusiasts looking to share their knowledge. It’s a valuable resource for anyone starting a product management role or looking to change up their existing practices.

One of the biggest perks of this community is its free weekly AMA sessions held by product experts across different industries. These offer a great way to learn more about your work while also getting to peek behind the curtain at how other successful product managers get it done.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: The Product Folks, the “world’s most passionate product community”

  • Number of community members: over 10,000 product-passionate members

  • How to join this community: join the free community via their website

Dovetail Community

Finally, if you want to join a Slack community focused on product management innovation and customer insights, the Dovetail Community Slack is perfect for you.

This community is the place to share ideas, get support, and get involved with upcoming features. It’s the go-to place to connect with other product managers who use Dovetail to enhance their product decisions.

While it’s available as a free community, you also get instant access to over 100 project templates and tag boards with your invite. Joining and expanding your network to incorporate other Dovetail users in your field is a no-brainer.

Key takeaways

  • Who runs the community: Dovetail, the customer insight hub

  • Number of community members: over 8,000 working professionals

  • How to join this community: fill out the application form to request an invite

Expand your network with product management Slack communities

We all know that a strong and well-maintained professional network is essential for leveling up your skills and connecting with like-minded people in your field. Joining product manager Slack communities is a very reliable way to make this process easier and learn valuable skills and insights about your industry.

Product manager Slack communities can be a never-ending resource of support and knowledge. They offer a strong return on investment for those willing to participate and engage.

To level up your product skills and learn how our platform can help your team make better product decisions, join the Dovetail Community Slack.

Request an invite today to join our over 8,000 members. The Dovetail Community is a great place to learn how to use our product, share ideas, and connect with other users.

We hope to see you there!

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