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The 10 top product manager communities to join in 2024

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8 May 2024


Claire Bonneau

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Mary Mikhail

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Calling all product managers! Are you looking for ways to grow your professional network and expand your leadership skill set?

If so, it’s time to connect with people in your field and get specific, educated advice from other product managers. How? By joining online product manager communities!

Using this article as your guide, explore our list of product manager communities worth joining to improve your career connections and learn new ways to support your team throughout product development.

What is a product manager community?

If you are new to product management or want to improve your existing practices and skills, online product management communities are some of the best resources to explore.

Created as virtual hot spots for product managers from all industries, product manager communities are great places to ask for advice, share encouragement, and even vent about the difficult parts of this exciting yet challenging career.

Why are product manager communities helpful?

Like anything else, the benefits of joining product management communities equal the energy and effort you put into them.

Becoming an active member of each community you join is the best way to make the most of the available resources, build your network, and unlock exclusive benefits, such as:

Getting advice from people in your field

Being a product manager involves making decisions to support your team and advance product development, which isn’t always an easy task.

To make this process easier, use online product management communities to get advice from people with lived experience dealing with the same problems as you. This will help ensure you make the right choices as your product progresses throughout development and launch.

Keeping up to date with the latest tech advancements

Struggling to keep up with the latest product management software options? Check in with members of your product management community to get their advice and input before you switch to a new platform.

Project management communities can provide detailed insights about costs, user experience, and features. This is one of the best ways to get insider knowledge before investing in any new software.

Growing your network and accelerating your career

Product management communities are a hotbed for job offers, interview advice, and real friendships and connections. They can help you accelerate the success of your career trajectory.

Participate in specialized product management communities to build your professional network and advance your career with support and advice from people who have done it before you.

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10 product manager communities worth joining

Product management communities provide a wealth of resources that will significantly improve your ability to support your team and advance your career. What’s more, they are usually free.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the most impactful product management communities worth joining:

As experts in the product development field, we’ve reviewed each community to help you decide which are worth joining. Here’s our more nuanced breakdown of the benefits of each community:


Who doesn’t turn to Reddit when they have a question about a niche topic?

Joining the r/productmanagement community is a fast and effective way to get answers to your most burning questions and problems. It’s one of the top 1% communities on the platform.

This is a great starter community for new product managers who are looking to learn. The moderators are helpful and it’s filled with bookmarked resources.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to over 155,000 members

  • Direct feedback and advice from other product-minded experts

  • Quick, easy access to the latest advances in the product management field

Read comments and ask questions on the product management Reddit here.

Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny’s Newsletter is a paid weekly newsletter with community access that provides detailed insights into product design, development, and management. It’s written by Lenny Rachisky, a well-known product manager and engineer.

With over 664,000 subscribers, this newsletter has a bustling community, making it an excellent resource for anyone working in product.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to a Slack channel with 10,000 members

  • Newsletters tackling product questions from the community

  • Short, actionable pieces of advice to improve your career

Subscribe to the free weekly product-focused newsletter here.

Product School

Product School is a well-known product management training company that emphasizes community building.

Having helped over one million product professionals from top Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Google, and PayPal, the Product School community is a great resource for anyone looking to level up their product development and management skills.

What to expect when you join

  • Instant access to over 100,000 other product management professionals

  • 26 local product management channels

  • Access to “Ask Me Anythings” from industry professionals

Request an invite to join the free Product School Slack community.

Product Manager HQ

Want to add world-famous product managers to your professional network?

Joining the Product Manager HQ Slack community will level up your career while allowing you to rub shoulders with other product-minded professionals. It’s the best way to meet industry experts from well-known companies like Spotify, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to over 7,000 members

  • 40 active product-focused channels

  • Training and certification opportunities for product-focused skills

Join the Product Manager HQ community (one-time $25 joining fee).

Product Coalition

Product Coalition is based on the product community Jay Stansell created on Medium. It’s filled with valuable resources and product-minded people willing to lend a hand and share advice. Product Coalition is perfect for new product managers looking to learn from more experienced, veteran product management experts.

What to expect when you join

  • Over 7,000 community members

  • 3,500+ articles about product management

  • Access to expert advice and resources for new product managers

Fill out this form to join the Product Coalition community.

Mind the Product

Mind the Product is one of the best-known product management Slack channels for anyone looking for advice from product experts. It’s a gateway to other helpful resources hosted by the Mind the Product team and will help you boost your network’s reach.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to over 60,000 helpful product managers

  • A free weekly newsletter about all things product management

  • Invites to virtual and in-person training seminars and workshops

Request an invite to join the Mind The Product Slack community.

Women In Product

The Women In Product Slack community is an inclusive place that’s great for meeting and connecting with other women and people from minority groups in product management.

This community focuses on UX research and design.

What to expect when you join

  • Networking opportunities with over 2,000 female product management members

  • Access to mentorship and training opportunities

  • Female-focused job boards and resources

Complete this form to request an invite to the Women In Product Slack community.

Products That Count

Products That Count is a product management resource that gives product managers a place to grow, learn, and hone their product skills while pushing product discussion further. This is a must-join community for anyone working in the product space.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to over 500,000 community members

  • Guidance for working with other product teams seamlessly

  • Mentoring experiences from product leaders

Join the Products That Count community with your LinkedIn account here.

Creative Product Managers

Improve your virtual network and gain valuable insights about product management by joining the Creative Product Management LinkedIn community. It’s free to join and open to anyone with product experience.

This community is an easy-to-access resource that will help you connect with other product professionals.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to over 94,000 community members

  • The ability to ask questions to global product management leaders

  • Moderated communication channels focused on product discussion

Follow the Creative Products Managers LinkedIn community here.

Dovetail Community

The Dovetail Community Slack is the place to meet other product-obsessed professionals like you.

This invite-exclusive community is designed to be a hub for product people to connect and collaborate. It’s one of the best places to share ideas, work through problems, and bond with other product managers who use Dovetail software.

What to expect when you join

  • Access to over 8,300 Dovetail enthusiasts

  • 100 project templates and tag boards

  • The opportunity to provide feedback on upcoming updates and features

Request an invite to our exclusive community Slack channel.

Level up your product manager network by joining communities

Ready to improve your product management skills?

Product management communities are one of the best resources for anyone looking for advice, support, and encouragement throughout this challenging and constantly evolving career.

Bolster your professional network and build meaningful connections with others in your field by joining product management communities that best suit your unique needs and interests.

Join the Dovetail Community Slack today to level up your product skills and explore how our platform will improve your workflow. Request an invite to join over 8,300 other Dovetail community members. We’re incredibly excited to connect and collaborate with you there!

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