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Into the wild: Two pathways to explore the problem space

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Among the smorgasbord of methods, frameworks, and workshops for exploring the problem space, no single approach reigns supreme. Like many aspects of design work, the process of finding the right method is a matter of experimentation, iteration, and refinement.

On October 26, we heard from Maze Head of Design Blake Hodgson and Dovetail Senior Product Designer Bec Lourey talk about the methods they’re working with for exploring the problem space in a collaborative, efficient, and customer-driven way.

The methods our guests discussed were rapid prototyping and co-creation for iterative design. Learn how to use these methods to:

  • Generate new ways of solving problems

  • Fail early and often to rule out solutions that don’t work

  • De-risk products before they launch

  • Build things that people love

Each designer offered their unique insights into what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how they’ve navigated their individual paths into the wilderness of the problem space.

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