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Cracks in the pavement: The intersection of product management and UX research

On September 20, we hosted an exciting event on the intersection of Product Management and UX Research. This hour-packed session included thought-provoking discussions, practical insights, and expert perspectives.

Our event featured Jeanette Fuccella, ServiceNow Senior Staff UX Researcher, and Jens Schumacher, co-founder of Released and former Atlassian Head of Product. They covered the following themes:

  • The power of collaboration: Uncover the controversies and resolutions surrounding collaboration between Product Managers and UX Researchers

  • AI’s dual role: Dive into the cutting-edge realm of AI’s role in both product creation and research

  • Mapping insights to success: Overcome the challenge of building a roadmap driven by insights

As part of our interactive approach, our audience had the chance to shape the conversation. We gave you the reins to propose questions and vote on the most pressing topics you want covered during the event. These questions were peppered throughout the episode.

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