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Dig deeper: Level up your A/B testing to build better products

Download Che's presentation slides for free here.

Experimentation is essential for driving growth and understanding the impact of new features, but it can be difficult to do correctly. Flawed experiment design, peeking at results too soon, and unreliable data are just a few problems you could have. And if your experimentation practice isn't reliable, it can mean your company isn’t making the right decisions. Meaning you're not shipping features that are actually helping customers and your team is leaving money on the table.

But companies like Airbnb, Netflix, and Amazon all have sophisticated, reliable experimentation systems—and you can, too. Watch our webinar with Eppo CEO Chetan Sharma, as he walks through everything you need to know about running reliable, impactful experiments. He covers:

  • The essentials of a reliable experimentation system and practice

  • Steps for increasing your experimentation velocity

  • Setting up experiments to measure core metric impact (like how revenue or activations are affected versus a vanity metric like clicks)

  • How to turn your experimentation learnings into institutional knowledge

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